Thursday, 10 December 2015

Trump articulates what the liberal elite dare not acknowledge..

There is a good blog callled Conservative Woman click below to read

It makes the good point that anti Muslim feeling is strong not just in NW Europe and the US but also in Japan, Hungary and even the saintly Aung Sang Suu Kyi is not keen on them in Burma or Myamar as it now calls itself so it has a worldwide spread. Why?

Well Islam as practised by many of its followers is not as Dave often  claims a religion of peace but an intolerant violent religion that recognises no other faith but Islam and kills Christians, Buddhist and anyone else who does not happen to agree with them. Now to be sure most Muslims do not go around killing non Muslims but there is a sizable number of our Muslim population sympathetic to ISIS and its murderous activities so they really cannot complain when some non -Muslims don't like this misplaced allegiance.

What puzzle me most is where are our rampant feminists, Greer and Toynbee speaking out against Muslim enslavement of women and female genital mutilation?

Even the homosexuals of both sexes, usually vociferous against any perceived insults sre relatively silent even when ISIS chucks their fellows to their death of tall buildings. Live and let live does not seem to figure in many Muslim preacher's beliefs.

The oft repeated statement that most Muslims are not terrorists is of course true but virtuallly all current terrorists do seem to be Muslim. so if you are looking for terrorists you wil find more in Muslim areas than you will in non-Muslim areas. You might find an apple w alking down the road but you will find many more if you walk through an orchard as B ayes Theorem elucidates..

Muslims with their head of family controlling all the family votes is corrupting our democracy as Tower Hamlets proves. The police are of coursed cowed by fear of being seen to be anti-Muslim. It is time to take all Chief Contables down to look at the figure of justice on top of the Old Bailey. She is blindfolded to emphasise justice is blind to race or religion. Political correctness has no place in our country. It is an American import as deadly to our society as any antibiotoc resistant virus.


Niall Warry said...

Correction - Political Correctness was actually devised by the USSR to undermine the West and boy is it working.

Eric Edmond said...

I bow to your superior knowledge on this Commissar Major