Saturday, 12 December 2015

Britain can save the EU and other myths

Fraser Nelson who edits the Spectator has written two very good pieces for the Daily Telegraph on Friday and Thursday.

It has long been my view that our best ally in the Brexit campaign is the EU itself. I have wtitten in this blog several pieces on this theme so it was gratifying to see Mr Nelson come round to my way of thinking. I cannot find this piece on the DT web site but if and when I will post the link.

It is entitled, " The EU itself is making a strong case for Britain voting to leave" and subtitled,

"If Europe cannot accept that reform is needed there is not much more the PM can do".

The first line is excelllent, " Since its inception the EU has been a trap for vain politicians.
This is a great lead in for Nelson's preceeding piece on a recurrent UK FCO fantasy that goes back to Heath. How well I rember this fairy tale from my days in the Civil Service in 71/73. Nick Ridley had it right, the EU is just a German racket.


I notice another great EU lie surfaced on QT this week viz that the EU had kept the peace in Europe. NATO did that. It was set up in 1949, 8 years before the Treaty of Rome. We owe our peace to the US led NATO not the shambolic EU that could not organise a p*** up in a brewery.

The Warsaw Pact, set up in 1955 pre dates the EU, and  also played a big part in restraining Franco Prussian military ambitions and we should be grateful to the Russians for this.

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