Monday, 14 December 2015

Where is Farage?

I switched on Radio 4 this morning and there was Douglas Carswell, UKIP's only MP, debating Cameron's non-negotiaion with Europhile Tory MP Damien Green. Click below to listen

I switched on to today's Daily Politics at 12:00 and there again was Damien Green this time with Tory MEP Daniel Hannan debating the same issue.

Both Carswell and Hannan used the term Eurocrats . Green denied the existence of such people who dislike the UK .. There is a large building in central Brussels called the Berlaymont pictured below, that's where they live Mr Green, thousands of them.

Image result for berlaymont

Out of every 10 Eurocrats roughly 3 are French, 3 German and less than one British. Thats where the bias lies Mr Green.

But it is as Sherlock Holmes remarked it is the dog that did not bark that tells the real story. Where is Farage and his talentless army of MEPs? Answers please as comments on this blog.

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