Wednesday, 6 January 2016

BBC pro EU bias obvious with Sarah Montague on Today

Nigel Lawson and Chukka were onToday ostensibly to discuss to discuss Cameron's forced change of heart to allow Csbinet ministers after the completion of the non-negotion to campaign for an Out vote whilst staying in the Cabinet. The link is

but you will have to fast forward 2 hours 35 ninutes to get to the discussion which quickly became one on the BBC perceived merits of the EU. No other views can be tolerated by our national broadcaster. La Montague, bias was obvious. She allowed Chukka to rabbit on interminably and without interuption with his unsupported statements that the EU was the greatest thing since sliced bread as we used to say at school.

Lawson was as courteous and affable as ever but was frequently interupted and shouted down by Montague. Listen to the clip and see if you agree. Monatague is a jounalistic dissgrace. She is a poeopagandist right out of the Dr Goebbels mould.

Chukka clearly like Mr Spock comes from another planet but he does not seem to be possessd of Mr Spock's logical mind.. His claim the UK government has marshalled strong support in the EU for anything is simply fiction.

We can look forward to many more such fairy stories from the Europhiles in the coming months and many more such biased interviews from the BBC

Chukka lie exposed by Dan Hannan

It shows UK is the most outvoted country in the EU, twice as often as the next country Germany.

The BBC will continue to peddle the lie to uphold its position as the leading EU propaganda organ.

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The Double Event said...

I've never liked Montague. I first became aware of her rather less than pretty features when she presented Newsnight a few years back, and it was immediately apparent that she was one of the many wannabe-Paxmans that were proliferating at the time, all of whom thought that all you had to do to emulate Paxo was to constantly interrupt the interviewee in aggressive and bombastic fashion, before they had the chance to blurt out more than four of five words. In fact, none of them ever showed the slightest understanding of Paxman's technique at all. Yes, the man himself would interject brusquely, but only after giving the interviewee the chance to give a coherent answer and only after it had become apparent that the interviewee had chosen not to grasp that chance but instead to be evasive. Indeed, unlike all his third-rate mimics, Paxman understood the value of silence as well as of interruption. He understood the old saying "give 'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves", and if interviewees were making fools of themselves, he could judge quite brilliantly when just to sit back and raise that famous eyebrow. Incomptent blowhards like Montague have no such judgment at all. Another such clown (although one who predates Paxman) is the dreadful John Humphreys. I remember he once had Peter Lilley absolutely on the ropes with a question, and Lilley was floundering completely trying to think of what to say. That's the precise moment where Paxman would have just given the eyebrow, but "I-Love-The-Sound-Of-My-Own-Voice" Humphreys simply couldn't resist interjecting, and hey presto, Lilley was let off the hook and had time to recover his composure and think of an answer. Funny how all these blowhards like Montague and Humphreys end up on Today. To be fair, I suppose eyebrow-raising doesn't work on radio, a bit like ventriloquism, although you'll get more sense out of Archie Andrews than Montague.