Thursday, 7 January 2016

Reuters Poll shows UK tilting towards leaving the EU

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This is very encouraging coming from Reuters.

Farage and Peter Bone without Mrs Bone were on with Andrew Neil today cjick link and fast forward to find section.

Farage was peddling his country before party line. Pure bollcks! Anyone who has had to work with Farage knows that he puts his own interests first - always!

Don't be taken in, its just spiv talk.

Pity Carswell was not there representing UKIP. Its a similar situation to Corbyn and Labour. Both Farage & Corbyn can con the ill informed ordinary party members but fall apart in the Premier league.


The Double Event said...

I see Farage has made an utter damned fool of himself in front of the entire public this time with the "no wheels on my wagon" nonsense. I must say I was sceptical when I read the initial story, courtesy of the link you kindly provided on this blog a few days back. I always smell a rat in any case where this untrustworthy spiv, compulsive liar and serial fantasist is concerned, and on this occasion there were already several things which didn't seem to add up, even before a little old-fashioned journalism well and truly found him out. E.g. - the fact that the local prosecutor's office hadn't heard anything; the discrepancy between his claim that the incident happened on a single-file stretch of heavy roadworks (evidently at low speed, or he would almost certainly have had a very serious accident) and his bragging that he then had to jump out of the way of fast-moving lorries; above all, the bizarre fact that all this happened in October and yet he had not reported it either to the media or to the authorities on either side of the channel - a very odd omission indeed if he really believed someone had tried to kill him.
This is the man, let us not forget, who likes to tell the world he has cheated death on several occasions, but cannot remember from one round of drunken braggadocio to the next whether it was a bus that ran him over or a car, or whether it was his left bollock, or right bollock, or just all bollocks.
Sure enough, the Saga of the 3-Wheeled Volvo has now been exposed as another chapter in the Farage Book Of Fantasy:
Unfortunately for Billy Liar Farage, someone bothered to ask the humble mechanic and the humble mechanic blew the whole story apart. Not only had he not mentioned sabotage, he had conducted his conversation with the Farage in sign language - on which flimsy basis Farage was quoted as saying "the mechanics were absolutely certain of foul play". The speech marks are important, because now Farage, slippery as ever, says "I never mentioned a mechanic". In the past, it is said, he has paid Messrs Carter-Ruck & Co good money to ensure the press do not cause any major problems for him. Well, he had better have his chequebook handy, because a Fleet Street paper does not quote someone in speech marks unless it is absolutely sure of its ground. Saying that Associated Newspapers made up a quote in speech marks from him is one of the less wise of the many unwise moves Farage has made in his career.
Meanwhile, cue the opportunity for the rest of the media to have a field-day over Farage making such a fool of himself. This one in the Independent is typical, complete with possibly the best photo yet of Farage's unfortunate capacity to look weird and lunatic (who needs cartoonists when you can just snap the real thing?):
Ever since the infamous "unresignation" after his latest election failure, Farage has been a figure of fun and also someone with a reputation for dishonesty. To the unresignation, we can now add an unassassination to add to both of these difficulties. There may have been no attempt to kill him, but his public standing is indeed fatally holed. He is a laughingstock and a pariah.

The Double Event said...

Some more thoughts on the sheer oddness of the timing of all this nonsense - the fact that a minor event occurs, Farage chooses not to go public with it at any level, then three months later it shows up in the national press with Farage suggesting that far from being minor it was an assassination attempt, but still protesting that he doesn't want to do anything about it.
Could it be that Farage knew very well there was nothing in it, but, surrounded as he is by sycophants and cult followers, his love of being brown-nosed has let his propensity for fantasising and bragging get cazrried away? A case of, best say nothing in public, but there's no harm in dining out on an inflated load of nonsense while being fawned upon in the bars of Brussels and Bromley....
Oh yes, blah blah blah, now the bastards are trying to kill me, blah blah blah, tampered with my wheel nuts so they did, blah blah blah, I'm so important these days I can talk about being the subject of an assassination attempt, ha ha ha, thanks very much my little lickspittle I'll have another pint of Bombardier blah blah blah.
"Oh Nigel, you're so big and brave and handsome, lick lick lick".
And so it continued right up to Christmas, until then the whole thing careered out of control, so to speak, and the press inevitably got wind of the story that was doing the rounds. Have you heard? Someone's tried to kill Farage.... tampered with his wheelnuts....
Hello? Mr Farage? Ah, Mail on Sunday here. I wonder if you could just confirm something we've heard?
NF (thinks): Oh crap.....

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you DE for this time line.

Henry IX said...

Bloody hell 'Double Event'.... i think you need to get out a bit more!!