Sunday, 10 January 2016

WW III could start in Poland like WWII

I have long opined that our membership of the EU does not makes us more secure but less secure as it ties us into further possible European conflicts.  Poland wants NATO troops, including UK troops to be stationed in Poland to "deter" Russian aggression. The Telegraph reports it thus:

Poland is offering Cameron the quid pro quo of dropping its opppostion to the 4 year benefit embargo in his EU pretend negotiation in return for this unlimited guarantee.

Have we forgotten how such a guarantee dragged us into WWII?

Its the old UK FCO story of trading short term worthless concessions from us for long term real promises to Johnny Foreigner. Now they are asking for NATO forces, although I cannot see Obama agreeing, but the lever the Poles are using is an EU one on jelly bean Cameron.

If NATO does put troops into Poland it will be a huge provocation to Putin's Russia. Putin has a large well equipped army tougher and beter equipped than the motley collection of squabbling mid Europeans in N ATO and backed by a huge nuclear arsenal. I do hope someone talks some sense into our idiotic PM and he leaves Russia alone. Perhaps he should watch War & Peace

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