Sunday, 17 January 2016

Fear is the key to leaving the EU

The political elite is seeking to terrify people into voting to stay in the EU just as the Scots were terrified of the "risks" of leaving the UK. To this end they are pulling every dirty trick in the book to cow the populace into submission. The average voter is fed an unending diet of scare stories on losing their job if they vote to leave. It is of course the political elite who fear losing their cushy EU related jobs. Ordinary people doing ordinary useful jobs have nothing to fear from a Brexit. The demand for their labour will continue in or out of the EU. Their job prospects,  wage rates and housing prospects would rise once free from the threat of cheap East European labour and migrants is drastically reduced by leaving the EU.

Only politicians and well paid executives of large corporations benefit from UK membership of the EU. The rest of us lose.

Farage got it dead right today when he characterised the coming referendum as a contest between a united political class who support staying in the EU and  the ordinary voters who want out. This looks a bit like the Scottish Referendum wher LibLabCon shared a united platform against leaving the UK. Lib Dems lost 90% of their MPs and Labour almost all their MPs in Scotland. The beneficiaries were the Tories who in England terrified the population with the 'risk' of SNP Nicola Strurgeon rule to reduce LibLab south of the border to a vestigeal opposition. Cameron now sits at the head of  an unchallengeable Tory government with an absolute majority. Fear certainly worked as it always has done for the Tory establishment.

Farage's thesis, and I think he is right, is we, the ordinary people will resent this ganging up of the political elite agaist us in this referendum and vote to leave. You sometimes see the same thing in UK jury trials with a very biased judge where the jury, sick of being told what to do, vote to acquit. Most of the political class will disappear in this scenario which can only be good for our country. Ken Clarke should be the first to go. He clearly still wants us to join the Euro at some stage.. I can only describe this as political insanity and hope the BBC give his views on the Euro much publicity before the referendum.

It is time the leave camp played its fear card. Fear of losing yoiu job to cheap immigrannt labour. Fear of not getting social housing which all has to go to 'needy' immigrants. Fear of Muslim domination in more and more of our cities. Donald Trump is not stupid. He knows this is a vote winner. If we dont uae it now in a generation's time fuelled by Syrian/ Tuirkish immigration and a huge Muslim birth rate.they will be in the majority in the UK.

Look at what happened in Cologne with young Muslim men surrounding and assualting terrified German women and not a word of criticism about this from our monstrous regiment of  BBCwomen.

Its time to take the gloves off and play our fear card in this referendum right now. To paraphrase Dave's Oz pal you can't fatten the pig on market day, it has to start right now. We don't have much time left. If we get villified by the BBC etc do as Trump does and hit back hard. I want to leave a Christian country to my children not a Muslim caliphate clashing with Franco Prussian EU elite leading to inevitable blood on our sttreets.


Henry IX said...

There was one big difference between the Tory election fear and their EU-leave fear - the former was totally justified whilst the latter is tosh. The thought of Red Ed being propped by the most venal bunch of Euro-Marxists was a real possibility and understandably for many had to be rejected at all costs.

Eric Edmond said...

Red Ed was wiped out not propped up by the Scot Nats. Can you not see past your obsession with commies, lefties etc?

Henry IX said...

You are a commie - a career snivel servant? You lot are the worst EU Marxists!!

Eric Edmond said...

Thank you Henry but I was most recently a central banker.