Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Me first, party next, country last

That is the creed of our elected MPs and MEPs. Our country is being given away right now but our elected representatives care not a fig. This is seen most clearly right now in the Tory party where the sycophants will toe the party line to ensure their 'career'. They are looking to their jobs after the referendum. Cameron will have no trouble restricting his party rebels to the hard line outed euro sceptics.

UKIP is worse I and others who put our country before party were kicked out by the place seeking sycophants some of whom are now Tory MEPs or wannabees. But its worse than that. Unquestionning loyalty to UKIP is not enough to ensure one's place on the gravy train. For that you must pledge total loyalty to Farage and be prepared to do his endless dirty work without question. That is how you get to be a UKIP MEP. Once elected you can speak out but only if you are prepared to be a one term MEP.

So we won't get any leadership in the EU referendum from those sycophants. Our only hope is from those who put their country first, have no need of a political career and are their own men.Cometh the hour cometh the man. Lets hope he comes soon,

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