Thursday, 21 January 2016

Who Dave met in Davos

Davos is a sordid meeting where big business meets corrupt EU politicians to ensure the politics know where their big cheques will come from. The only people not there seem to be Sarah Palin and Donald Trump although the latter certainly qualifies on the wealth criterion. I dont recall ever seeing a trade unionist or anyone else outside the political/corporate elite on the guest list.

Dave has been exhorting his corporate friends to speak out for the benefits to the UK of EU membership whilst shutting down UK manufacturing as quickly as possibly. This is lost on the carefully selected BBC QT audience and I confidently predict there will be the usual collection of juvenile pin brains who will prat on about how the UK will collapse if we left the EU. If these morons could think for themselve they sholud just ask themselves one question. Who does the German EU car manufacturing lobby speak for Port Talbot or Wolfsburg?

The truth about the loss of jobs in the UK dear brainless QT Bimbos is we have been exporting our high value jobs to the EU for the last 25 years.

Its still going on with Gideon Osborne nominating not a Brit but Mmme Lagarde to continue as MD of the IMF. If ratified this will push up French rule of the IMF since 1946 from 41 years out of 70 to 45 plus. MMe Lagarde looks out for own political ambitions and French interests and I don't think she went to Eton or undestands cricket. If Gideon wished to shaft the UK he could not have chosen a better person. As a dog returns to his vomit so a fool returns to his folly.

On UKIP matters I hear the Fuerher is once more smiling benignly on Annabelle . There is no one better informed on how to sabotage the leave the EU campaign. I look forward to reading about it in the tabloids.


THe Double Event said...

"As a dog returns to his vomit so a fool returns to his folly."

"I hear the Fuerher is once more smiling benignly on Annabelle"

A very appropriate juxtaposition.

Edward Spalton said...

There are literally millions of people in favour of independence from the EU. They are getting fairly angry as the prospect of the referendum
approaches. Most businesses depend ultimately on consumers. So, when captains of industry respond to Dave's call, it would be easy to
Identify their products and to stop buying them - if pro independence organisations gave a lead. Even a month or two's deferment of purchases would upset the corporatist apple cart very nicely and send a potent message.

Eric Edmond said...

Good idea Mr Spalton!