Tuesday, 26 January 2016

UKIP spokesmen need better briefing

I watched Steven Woolfe come off second best on today's Daily Politics to Labour motor mouth and failed leadership contender Liz Kendall.

He failed to challenge Kendall's dogmatic assertion that 50 % of our exports goes to the EU. He allowed himself to be out talked and bullied by Kendall. That has to change.

The correct figure is 44.8%  for goods and services as at 2014. As our trade with the EU has been steadily following an up to date figure is less than that. My figures come from the House of Commons Library Briefing paper 6091 published 19th Jan 2016. If I can find these figures so easily why cannot Wolfe with his paid researchers find them out? Woolfe speaks for UKIP on Migration and Financial matters. Sorry Mr Woolfe but you have to improve your act or we will stay a Brussel's slave state for ever.

Click through to


and follow through to the pdf file that contains the full figures.

Mr Woolfe claims to be a barrister but he has obviously not mastered his UKIP brief or was he not given a brief at all by Master Farage?

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