Thursday, 28 January 2016

Its about Sovereignty stupid!

The Common Market/EU  's aim has always been the creation of a European state on Napoleonic  Bismarkian contintental principles of law and limited democracy. Ordinary people were never to be trusted with political power. That was to be kept in the hands of the European political elite. It is completely alien to our and the USA political and legal traditions and since MacMillan tried to get in in 1957 was deemed to be to dangerous to reveal to the British people who would of course have rejected the whole sordid system out of hand. The European elites excuse was only they could stop the rise of another Hitler - a very dubious proposition indeed.. The equally dictatorial and anti-democratic Napoleon was never to be mentioned. Anyone who represents the views of ordinary people is smeared as a 'populist'.

In short the British people were to be conned and our political leaders from all sides of the political spectrum were complicit in this enormous deceit. The people were to be bemused, confused and terrified by contradictory economic/business statistics that only the political elite could interpret correctly,  An idea copied from the Catholic Church that had a Bible and services in Latin which only the priest class the political elites pre Tyndale around 1530 could properly understand. So the EU  has enslaved us just as the Church had enslaved our anscestors since 300. Note how well the RC church hierarchy lived unchallenged up till  1530. Their lavish standard of living persisted up to the middle of the 20th century. The EU elite are following this path. They get rich and the people get poor. They are the sole custodians of the true faith and the riches that flow from that position.

It was good therefore to read Freddy Forsyth's letter in today's DT entitled, "The emphasison economics in the EU debate is a dangerous  distraction". It was ever thus. I well remember the then Labour MP Shirley Williams successfully using this tactic in the 1970s.

Forsyth finishes his letter with this all to true sentence.

"Unfortunately, most people will probably be fooled by yet another mendacious government and will vote our country into oblivion about 20 years from now"

Economic/Business statistics change weekly  with the wind. Loss of sovereignty lasts for centuries. Think before you vote it away. As Dave is finding out its rather difficult to get it back.

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