Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Bullingdon Club - Oxford University - Minister Radek Sikorski & Premier David Cameron

Mr Sikorski was the guest of AN and JoCo on the Daily Politics of 28 th Jan. There quiz was who did Mr S give a lift in the side car of his motor bike. Nigel Farage, Jezza , Diane Abbot or Bo Jo. Correct answer, BoJo who Mr S described as a friend of his. A bit disingenuous methinks. Mr S was in the Buller with Gideon, Dave & BoJo. Now where did a poor Pole get the dosh to buy the Buller's dining fig, estimated cost £2500. Answer, there are no poor politicians, even student ones. Click link to read about Mr S.

Eat your heart out Nigel you were never going to be Buller material.

Nice piece from J Daley on Dave's pantomime renegotiations

He's behind you Dave!

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