Monday, 29 February 2016

BBC pro EU bias comes in many forms

The redoubtable Kate Hoey tweeted on how the BBC takes money from the EU

The tweet refers to a Spectator piece

which tells how the BBC applied for and received around £3 million from the EU and worse kept the source secret by describing it on their accounts as,

‘other grant income’,

That is called being economical with the truth!

The Speccy say they forced this from the BBC by an FoI request. Well done to them. Every time I have tried to get FoI information from the BBC I was told that as a 'journalistic organisation' they were exempt from such requests! Does that go for their propaganda function as well?

The comments on Ms Hoey's tweet make interesting reading.

Well that is only one of the BBC's dishonest tricks. Pro EU interviewees are usually put on first and listened to by the interviewers like the Welsh gnome in respectful silence. Sceptics come last and are frequently interrupted by long pro EU diatribes from the interviewer. Marr was at this on Sunday frequently interrupting the very polite IDS to put the BBC house view on the topic.

I have interviewed for many organisations and I always folled the routine, ask question, listen to answer, follow up answer or move on to your next question. Don't interupt!

I appreciate listening to motor mouth politicians can be veryy annoyiny but Davies, Marr, Neil etc chose to be political TV interviewers so motor mouths go with that turf.

Look at this link for details of how much the BBC took from the EU

This is our so called independent national broadcaster on the take. If it was any other organisation the BBC would be screaming conflict of interest.

Then there is of course audience rigging for claimed live shows like QT where juveniles, women and ethnics predominate. White middle aged males are seldom called to speak. I did try to get figures on QT audience breakdown by sex, age and ethnicity and again was refused because of the BBC,s claims to journalistic waiver.

There are of course many more sources of hidden pro EU bias by the BBC and I do hope that the Leave campaigns are monitoring them closely.

Roger Bootle  the economist,has a good piece in today's Business Telegraph entitled 'Euro-twaddle or Tolstoy? You choose your poisson'

He forecasts that in the event of a Remain vote the EU elite would gradually force us into the EUro using their usual salai slicing approach making it more and more difficult for us to stay out of the Euro until the EU philes led by Roland Rat and his like could squeak again surely we would be better to join. I agree with Bootle's forecast in this matter.

Good to see the Telegraph publishing a piece by Maj General Thomson entitled,

'The myth that leaving the EU would harm British national security must be destroyed once and for all.'

Hear, hear! Click link below to read the General's piece

There is another good piece in today's FT on the EU's attempts to take over the City

I particularly liked the description that the EU is bank centric and we are market centric. I would go much further. The EU supports the industrial establishment. Why has VW not been prosecuted for the diesel emmissions fraud it perpetrated on the UK.

Another bias is to put up a known  poor speaker and debater for the anti-EU case. Just watched Coburn, Scotland's only UKIP MEP putting up an incoherent illiterate performance on today's Daily Politics infront of the smirking Coburn.

This has only scratched the surface of BBC EU bias. I will return to this topic frequently.

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