Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Out voted so lets get out before Flashman Cameron really gets nasty.

I copied this from one of Dan Hannan's. It shows just how little influence we have had in the EU these last 6 years whilst Flashman Cameron has been in charge. We may as well give Comrade Corbyn a chance! Note how well France does. Not surprising as they run the EU.

Another one from Dan I can't resist

It pays to be a socialist! No wonder Master Kinnock was so eager to get on the band wagon.

Cameron now starting to live up to his Flashman nom de plume except Flashman went to Rugby not Eton.

Meanwhile Peston, the voice of Downing Street must be nominated for next year's Oscars as best actor and best supporting actor.

ITV’s scoop-getting political editor Robert Peston is annoying Tory spinners in more ways than one. When the other broadcasters film short interviews in Downing Street, they usually bring one camera with them to film the interviewee. Peston however insists on bringing two cameras, one to film the minister, the other to film himself. Apparently Pesto wants a camera on himself at all times so plenty of shots of him looking inquisitive can be edited into the package. This means double the number of camera crew, causing a headache for press officers. A senior government source reveals “he turns up with a f**king movie set”Don’t disturb the creative process…
and whilst I am feeling creative, with acknowledgement to Cllr Porter,

and for his pal Gideon the oik a good kicking from Tory MPs as reported in the Speccy

"It’s a rare occasion when George Osborne is able to find more support in the Labour benches than his own but that’s what happened today as Tory MP after Tory MP went into attack mode over the government’s handling of the EU referendum. Andrew Tyrie, the chair of the Treasury Committee, gave the criticisms an air of authority as he kicked things off by calling Osborne out on the use of Article 50 — which spells two years of negotiations after an initial no vote under the Lisbon treaty, which covers a country leaving the EU."

To stop this happening in future Flashman has decided to get rid of Tory party constituency chairmen  and run the Tory party from Central Office just like our Nigel does wih UKIP. Its called convergence!

Crick reports it thus,

Michael Crick  @MichaelLCrick
Lord Feldman plans 3 new classes of Cons Party membership: standard (£25); silver (£50); & gold (£100) with automatic conference access

I am off to Aberdeen for a week, home of Mr Gove and where

 "laddies and lassies" are called "loons and quinies" when they fall in love they are said to "get smitten" or maybe even "plain gyte" - which is not what is happening to Flashman and Gove...

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