Tuesday, 8 March 2016

UKIP is now history. Concentrate on the Referendum!

The media attempts to big up Farage's rows with every one else in UKIP Nnothing new there, he fallls out with everyone of any talent in UKIP. Only those judged no threat to NF are allowed to remain! Its a media attempt to distract party members from the real battle the EU referendum. Either an Out or an In vote consigns UKIP and Farage to the trash can of history. Sure the BBC will continue to put non-entities like Nuttal, Hamilton etc  on QT until the next European elections They have to do this under their rules of balance. In 2020 UKIP will be wiped out. If the vote is as I expect to remain UKIP will be as dead as Clegg's AV voting system. In the unlikely event the vote is to leave then UKIP has served its purpose and will disappear like snow off a dyke.

The Referendum is now the only game in town. The Leaves can win but only if unified, ie get rid of Farage, and let Lawson, Gove, Fox, BoJo, Davjd Davies, Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey and Diane James make the case. Farage is perceived as an Arthur Daley character with the Arthur Daley trademark camel haired, vevet collared coat.

The EU is the Leave campaign's best ally. The latest EU proposal  to give all 100 million Turks entry visas to the EU and fast track Turkey joining the EU as a full member is pure electoral gold for the Leave campaign. They will never have a better chance to get us out of the EU .

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