Friday, 12 February 2016

Bungles, infighting & rows:UKIP's road to election failure

Thus reads the two page headline in today's Times. The article seems to read as the memoirs of one David Soutter who was head of candidate UKIP candidate selection for the 2015 election

You can read about Mr Soutter's recent history by clicking the links below.

and you can see him and listen to him on link below

Now I have some sympathy with Mr Soutter. I quote him from the Times piece.

On Farage, "He needs to go. I think he has to recognise the party is not the party of one person"

On selecting candidates, the officials seem to believe that "the job of the assessors was to ease people through the process rather than judging them"

It was always thus. In my day it was Mr Gill a former Tory MP who was in charge of UKIP candidate selection for the 2009 Europeans. A candidate called Marta Andreasen was selected to stand as no 2 to Farage in the South East. She failed at leat 5 of the UKIP criteria for candidate selection. I challenged her selection at the relevant NEC meeeting and was vilified by the Farage sycophants for being nasty about Mr Gill who had not bothered to turn up at the meeting. The villification was lead by Mr Bannerman now a Tory MEP on the grounds Mr Gill was not present to defend himself. Bannerman made my point for me but he was too stupid to realise it. As the man in charge of candidte selection he should have been there to defend his selections.. Andreasen was of course elected.

Mr Gill eventually came out with the limp excuse that he was just rying to facilitate things! Incredible!.

On the allocation of funds, Soutter says, "money was diverted for personalities not winnability" .How true! Hundreds of thosands of UKIP pounds have been spent on 7 unsuccessful atempts to get Farage elected an MP. None of the sycophants dared speak the truth. Voters don't like Nigel Farage. At the Eastleigh by-election in 2014 the local party selected Diane James as candidate. She narrowly lost despite an underfunded campaign. My near neighbour Paddy Ashdown opined that if the campaign had run one more week Mrs James would have won.

Voters like Mrs James and will vote for her.. Its that simple.

Farage and his sycophants get in on the UKIP EU party list syatem. None, including Farage would ever be elected in a Westminster elelection where the electors vote for whom they want to represent them and that's not Farage  Some day the penny might drop with the UKIP faithful, Farage is a loser..

Finally on party chairmn Crowther, a Farage nominee, " Crowther made sure that the people who wanted to stand who were friends of his got through" That's called cronyism. Poor old Denny a former crony of NF fell from favour and was deselected in his home city.. I guess in Wolf Hall he would have been for the chop.

" We did not get the vote out. We did not have enough troops/activists on the ground" said Mr Souuter. How true! Farage and his sycophants and got rid of the most motivated and the best of UKIP activists on the trumped up charge of being disloyal to Nigel. Loyalty to the UKIP cause was not enough.


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