Saturday, 13 February 2016

Why do we tolerate foreign interference in our internal affairs?

Am I the only one who is thoroughly sick of foreigners telling us we must stay in the EU to help them. The coming referendum is a matter solely for the British people, During the Scottish referendum I resented being told how to vote by President Useless Obama but as the London chattering classes were at it as well the only coverage we got from the BBC was that Scots must not vote for independence or the world as we know it would end.

Now we are faced with the same interference from a lame duck soon to be ex President thank God and his Lurch like Secretary of state Kerry who will soon learn not to mess with Putin.So why does our Government tolerate this blatant interfernce in our domestic affair?.

There are two reasons. First they are saying what they know our EU representing PM wants us to say so they know the UK Government will not raise the slightest objection. Second it is to their advantage to have us in the EU paying the bills and taking the hit whilst they enjoy the benefits of our membership from a safe position well outside the EU. Hence the article in today's, Saturday's Telegraph by one Wayne Swan, former deputy PM of Oz headlined, "Why Australia wants Britain to stay in the EU" and subtitled ,"Commonwealth members feel reassured by the UK's place in a Europe that's united and strong". Mr Swan shows a level of ignorance of EU affairs only surpassed by the US administration.  The EU is in the midst of 3 existential crises, uncontrolled Migration, a Euro monetary mess and massive youth unemployment. That cannot be described as a united and strong organisation.

Dave is now pretending its the EU that keeps us secure, a blatant lie. Its been NATO that has kept us safe since 1945 but if the EU continues to antagonise Putin they will drag us into a war against Russia which we will lose.

If Obama, Kerry and Swan think the EU is so wonderul I suggest tey avail themselves of Dr Frau Merkel's open door immigration policy and emigrate to Germany where they can enjoy the full benefits of EU life and pay for it themselves!

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