Monday, 8 February 2016

Cameron lies for project fear

Cameron is scaremongering. Despite having promised a fair campaign he is blatantly electioneering whilst stopping poopsed ministers in his cabinet from replying. If those Cabinet Ministers opposed to the EU should not accept this Flashman bullying. They should come out and oppose us remaining in the EU. Cameron has fired the starting gun.

Worse is his sleazy claim, that Brexit will lead to migrant camps in Kent. It is a blatant lie. The agrrement to allow British border checks on French soil is a bi-lateral UK France treaty signed by Labour's Blunkett about 10 yearsago. Here are some tweets from Tory MPs,

Sarah Wollaston

"Checking passports pre travel on Eurostar would need to continue anyway because of security & absurd to pretend that would cease"

This went on on cross border trains in the sixties as I well remember. Its even in the film "From Russia with Love".

David Davis

"The failed EU immigration policy created the ‘Jungle’ camp at Calais. The idea that would reduce border control is preposterous."

If the French unilaterally cancelled the Calais treaty they would be wide open to other countries acting against France across the World.

Note also Dave's slight of hand pretending to care about prison reform. Its the old magicians trick. Watch the EU hand up Dave's back.

It is sad to see a British PM so devalued.

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