Sunday, 7 February 2016

Farage boasts I have the voice to persuade the 'undecideds'

A typical Farage vain glorious boast in today's Sunday Telegraph which is the exact opposite of the truth. Polling companies report that women make up most of the undecideds. Which group detests Farage's laddish booze and fags image? Women!

"I am the voice that can sway the undecideds" Who do you think you are kidding Mr Farage? Farage is anathema to middle England which is where the referendum will be won.

UKIP is yesterday's party. It has served its purpose and got us a referendum but it can never win a referendum. That needs support from the centre ground which UKIP cannot  win.

The Farage quote I most object to is, "Its fantastic.The idea that you can put country before party, conscience before career - I love it."

Anyone who has been on UKIP  NEC and has had to deal with Farage knows that this is the exact opposite of his behaviour over many years. He has run UKIP as a cult where unquestioning support of Farage was the only way to survive.  I and many other who  put country before party and conscience before career suffered unpleasant anonymous smears and forced out of UKIP as threats to Nigel.

Farage is a good debater and I am sure he would do very well debating Cameron. Dave is not stupid. He saw what Farage did to Clegg. There will be no Farage Cameron TV debate and the less we see of Farrage on TV and the more we see of Mrs James the higher the out vote will be. Farage comes across as agressive and unpleasant. Mrs James comes across as pleasant and concillatory. She is almost a female version of call me Dave! Middle England like the latter more than the former.

The out campaign has to come up with a strong coherent plan of what will happen to the UK if we vote to leave. If not it will be a walkover for Cameron's Project Fear.


Henry IX said...

Bloody hell, you're really in love with Diane James!! She's hardly still a member of the party - or at least didn't even stand at the last GE!!!

Eric Edmond said...

Henry your old hat.