Thursday, 4 February 2016

Who should lead the out campaign?

This question cannot be put off any more and must be answered. Cometh the hour cometh the man and in this case it seems to be Nigel Lawson, Thatcher's Chancellor and without doubt along with Dennis Healey the ablest Chancellor in my lifetime. Elliot and Cummings of the over inflated egos have been demoted off the board of VoteLeave to executive positions clearing the way for a merger with Leave.EU with Lawson as chairman of the merged operation. Thank goodness for that!

There will be other board members whom I hope will speak for the leave campaign. These will be mainly non cabinet Tories like Liam Fox, David Davis, Daniel Hannan plus Labour's Kate Hooey. It has to spokesmen who can resonate and connect with those in the centre ground whose votes will decide the result. We could do with an ethnic minority spokesperson and I would be grateful to anyone who can suggest one. The main criterion for our spokespeople is they should be reasonable inoffensive people who are liked by the populace and don't upset anyone and with whom the populace can identify as ordinary guys like themselves. The biggest mistake the LibDems made was to ditch the affable popular Charlie Kennedy who got them the most MPs they ever had!

No Farage or even nice UKIPers like Mrs James. Their job is done. We don't need them! Indeed they are a liabilty now. UKIP votes are in the bag. Its centre ground votes we need to win. Farage and his cronies will switch off Middle England big time. For that reason the BBC will promote Farage etc non stop on QT to reinforce the fruit cake and loony image of the Outers the BBC wants to paint. It will be one of Lawson's main tasks to keep Farage off TV and never accredit him as a spokesman for the Leave campaign. If Farage wants to be useful he should concentrate on fund raising.

This campaign will not be a point scoring debate. It will be settled in the hearts of the British people voting for people they see as sharing their values and aspirations.


Henry IX said...

Don't forget your hero Nikki Sinclaire? You are Team Junius as well, aren't you Derick?

Eric Edmond said...

Move on Henry. You are living in the past.

Henry IX said...

But the past is all you and Greggy-baby have - show some loyalty for once!