Wednesday, 17 February 2016

My Ideal Out Team

I start from the need to cover as much of the voter demographic by gender, age and politics as possible and choose people that voters like or at best do not dislike. The names I have come up with are :

Nigel Lawson as chairman, white, male aged 80 Tory former Chancellor
Gisela Stuart MP German born, white, female aged 60 Labour
Dan Hannan MEP, white male aged 44 Tory
Priti Patel MP, cabinet minister, aged 43 female born UK Ugandan Indian immigtant parents, Tory
Diane James MEP  aged 56, white female, UKIP
Kate Hoey MP aged 69 white female Labour
Liam Fox MP aged 54 white Tory

IDS is also  strong contender as is David Davies but both are very similar to Liam Fox and i think 7 is enough, a different spokesman each day of the week.. No objectiom to IDS and DD as support speakers.

There are 4 women and 3 men. a deliberate choice on my part as they will be opposed by largely white public school males in suits and juvenile ex spads. Two Labour one UKIP and 4 Tories.       Women make up more than half the elecorate, vote more and trust older experienced men.

Priti Patel is great as she covers the ethnic vote and is a nice looking woman.

Most important nobody dislikes these speakers. They dont offend and people will vote for them!

They are all good debaters and speakers and handle the TV media  very well.

I may change my list when the runners and riders declare but  I have chosen a team to win a referendum not an election.


Greg_L-W. said...

BUT - would anyone on the team you suggest be able to counter the lies and fudge from the FUD Remain team - funded in wvwet clandestine manner possible by the EU with our taxes?

I have my doubts.


Greg_L-W. said...

'wvwet' really doesn't look like whatever!

Eric Edmond said...

Gisela Stuart certainly nailed Hammond on Sunday on the Marr show poitining out that requiring the European Court to into account Cameron's non binding commitments was not the same as a treaty explicitly stating that the could not do this.

The dirty tricks have just started.


Henry IX said...

Hey, what about Nickki? - show some loyalty to your mates at Team Junius.