Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Peston is stiil the voice of Downing Street

Despite shifting from the BBC to ITN and from economics to politics ( or was he pushed) Peston continues to be Downing Street's mouthpiece.

Yesterday I heard him on ITN parroting scare story after scare story all attributed to anonymous EU officials, diplomats etc. It ran along the lines if we dared to vote for Brexit the EU would give us a good kicking to teach us to vote the right way next time. Nothing he said was sourced so it was all uncheckable. It sounded like him reading a Downing Street brief from Flashman Dave Cameron.

Is Peston the best the UK media corps can come up with?


Greg_L-W. said...


whatever station or network he is paid by he works for the Government and like so many presenters he is untrustworthy and unlistenable to as he, like many others, has such a high opinion of himself, with his jerky delivery & stylised behaviour.


Eric Edmond said...

Agreed Mr Watkins. He used to just read about the lobby hand outs