Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Some of the things Dave forgot to renegotiate

Not since Napoleon's retreat from Moscow has a leader ditched so much for so little. Here are some of the things Dave ditched to get his deal.

1. Taking back control over social and employment law His 2007 views are below


They were also endorsed by his chosen successor Gideon that year.

2. A complete opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights


3. Stopping the ECJ overruling our criminal law. He promised to return the ECJ s jurisidiction over criminal law to pre Lisbon Treaty levels. He soon ditched that to introduce the European Arrest Warrant which is a travesty of Magna Carta

4.   In 2014, he wrote about “treaty change that I’ll be putting in place before the referendum”.  But last year, David Lidington, the Europe Minister, saidthat “our timetable for referendum by the end of 2017 mean that you just cannot [have] treaty negotiation and 28 national ratifications within that timeframe”.

5. Stopping EU migrants coming to the EU without a job offer.

6. Repatriating job seekers if they have not found a job after 6 months

7.Reforming the Working time directive that is a major cause of medical staffing problems in the NHS

8. Getting the Europen parliament to meet in one place and stop the Strasbourg farce which is then only to placte French amour propre.

9. Reforming the CAP.

10. Reforming the EU's structural fund mess that funnels money into useless
infrastructure projects that there is no demand for.

Finally no mention of getting back fisheries currently being ruined by rapacious non UK fishermen

What Dave has done is what Esau did, he has sold our chidren's birthright for a load of EU waffle.

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