Thursday, 25 February 2016

The leftist case for Brexit

When I was a young civil servant in the early 1970s many major Labour figures opposed our entry into the then Common Market. People like Wedgie Benn, Peter Shore & Barabara Castle lead the campaign which was played on a very biased playing field. There is an excellent left wing case against our membership  of the EU summarised outlined in a recent article in the New Statesman, link below.

It was sad Bob Crow died so young because he truely represented the real British working class and had no time for the Metropolitan Oxford PPE elite and that Wedgie although old also died recently. they were a formidable pair, anathema to Tory and Labour EU lovers.

I can well remember listening to Wedgie constructing  very coherent arguments against the EU. I recently pointed out how earlier Hugh Gaitskell made his best and most prophetic speech against joining the Common Market in autumn 1962. He was dead aged 56 within 3 months. Why do all the Labour good guys die young?

There are still excellent Labour MPs who oppose our EU membership, Frank Field and Gisela Stuart both all round good eggs spring to mind but the trades unions have not produced a replacemnt for Bob Crow. Surprising given the damage the EU and its unlimited immmigration does to the standard of living of British workers.

To win this coming EU Referendum we will need Labour supporters votes. Who can deliver them? Not Nigel Farage! Workers are not fools and will not be taken in by a booze and fags image.


Henry IX said...

"Bob Crow died so young because he truely represented the real British working class" - even by Deadmond standards that has to be the crassest remark ever - he hated working-class people, he wanted to turn their communities into 3rd world sewers, they'd all be equal then!

The Double Event said...

And another priceless comedy moment from Henry One Short Of The Ten.

Henry, we know you're not the sharpest tool in the box, but you really must try harder to express yourself properly before you wade in with your usual banalities.

If Dr Eric really had written things the way you selectively misquote him (whether you do so wilfully or just out of plain stupidity or probably both), then yes, it would have been crass. It's unlikely someone is going to die in Britain just because they represent the working class. But of course that's not he wrote because you omitted those all-important words "it was sad" from the start of the quotation. Even when Dr Eric tries to make it easier for you by using small words, you still manage to struggle! :D

For my own part, I don't think Bob Crow was such a great representative for the working class (certainly not for the millions of working class people whose daily commute he made difficult on a regular basis), but I do happen to think it sad when someone dies young, and Dr Eric comes across as a more decent human being for saying so, than do you with your usual infantile abuse.

On the other hand, you have once again brought a moment of comedy to this blog with your dumb contributions so you're not totally worthless to the human spirit! Keep 'em coming, Henners! :D :D :D

Henry IX said...

What a load of garbage!! I can see why you've reached your daft conclusion... don't worry!! Of course Crow didn't die (young) because of his beliefs. I was simply mocking the assertion by Wee Derick that he 'truely represented the real British working class' - a point that I bet you also think is totally crass? He was nothing short of filthy, foul, Commie thug who tried to bully everyone to his personal interests.

In fact, from our perspective (I presume you're an Outer?)it's anything but sad that he's no longer around - having Galloway around the caused is bad enough but this man - politically - was pure toxic!