Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tory Hypocrits

A good piece by Peter Oborne names these slime and outlines their duplicity'

Wedgie Benn put it thus. There are two types of politician. The vast majority are weathervanes who change direction with the prevailing political wind, Kinnock is a prime example.Much, much rarer are signposts, Jeremy Corbin etc  who point in the same direction year after year. You therefore know what these politicians stand for. Who knows what David Cameron stands for? It changes so often.

You can call Jezza nasty names but he is not a hypocrit like Cameron. Vote for Jezza and you know what you are getting. Vote for Clegg/Cameron and you will get what suits their own self interests at the time.. Ask the students!.

This is why we see the dichotomy in all political parties between the grassroots and their MPs. Right now it  is especially noticeable in the Tories and Labour parties. There are two few LibDems to bother about! It is different in the SNP where their leadership clearly represents the members views. That is why they will continue to succeed.

LibLabCon lies to the ordinary party workers only to renege on their promises when they get their bums on the green leather will eventually destroy our democracy.


The Double Event said...

Hello Dr Eric, I agree with you about Cameron and Johnson and in fact I posted a comment on your previous blog entry which you entitled "Farage must stand down", in which I expressed my deep suspicions about Johnson's Out announcement and the supposed bad blood between him and Cameron that we are asked to believe has resulted from it. I don't know if you saw it as I posted it some time after you wrote the original blog entry, but there is something fishy about a man as intelligent as Johnson thinking that his ridiculous "Vote No, Get Yes" idea can make any sense other than if he wishes to spread division and confusion in the Out camp, and I should not be at all surprised if it isn't some jolly jape dreamed up by the Bullingdon boys during their various soirees at Downing Street recently, with Cameron's apparent anger just all part of the con trick that we are meant to swallow.

However, I can't entirely agree with you on Corbyn. Yes, he has stuck to his principles on many matters clearly, but on this crucial issue of Brexit we are told he is a lifelong opponent of the EU and yet once he has come into a position of leadership he has trimmed and sold out like all the rest of them and is telling us to vote Yes. To add to the his weasel words, he is coming out with all this "wrong deal, but right to stay" garbage to try and cover his back for falling into line as Cameron's patsy. He is pitiful. - and as hypocritical as the worst of the them.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree DE re Jezza and the EU. Disappointing!

Henry IX said...

Double Event is a troll - don't feed him!!

The Double Event said...

So the blog owner writes an item on the subject of hypocrisy and then the most scorched pot in the cupboard, Henry the Super-Troll, turns up like a bad penny to call the kettle black. Utterly beyond parody, but in contrast to the pot I would say please go on feeding it, Dr Eric, because its half-witted contributions, though otherwise worthless, are an endless source of entertainment! :) :) :)

The Double Event said...

Meanwhile back in the land of discussion for grown-ups, Dr Eric, if I may add a further observation in relation to your original post, I see that David Owen has declared himself for Brexit today with a very impressive statement which puts the case in a measured and constructive way. He strikes me as an ideal person to lead the campaign, an elder statesman of authority who is well-respected and who straddles the party divide. It would be good to read your own observations on his intervention.

Eric Edmond said...

I read David Owen's comments and reasons for supporting Brexit. He is the only major UK politician to point out that the EU makes us less not more secure with its unecessary provocation of Putin over Ukraine. Exactly!

L fairfax said...

David Cameron stands for David Cameron, I thought everyone knew that. He is not a socialist or a racist but everything else he could probably support, if the Lib Dems or UKIP were the number one party he would have become a Lib Dem or UKIP.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Mr Fairfax that's drummed into them at Eton

Henry IX said...

Hi "Double Event" - I'm not too bothered about you but it's bit worrying that a grown-up (I guess you are out of short trousers?) can a. come up with such whacko theories and b. spend ages regurgitating them on a dead-end blog such as this. No, the hypocrite is wee Derick. He's pretty thick at the best of times and his nadir was when on the now-defunct British democracy Forum he declared that anybody who wrote under a different name/synonym was a"troll" who should be ignored at all times. This from a man who used to post under then name "Somerset Yokel"!!! In fact, his trolling was only put to a stop by Mark Croucher. That sums up his politics life: The Farage-istas - not the cleverest but always one step ahead of dear old Deadmond!!

The Double Event said...

Keep 'em coming, Henry One-Short-Of-The-Ten! Your posts may get a big fat zero for intellectual input, but as I've already remarked they are priceless in entertainment value.

You say you're not too bothered about me - but yet you are so unbothered you have felt the need to attack me at regular intervals! :D :D

You say this is a dead-end blog and yet you regularly feel the need to visit it and abuse the blog author. To get so fixated with a blog one thinks is a dead-end is a most irrational obsession! Worrying indeed! :D :D :D

As for whacko theories, did you hear about the one posted on this blog last April which attempted to ridicule Dr Eric for writing "the EU in/out referendum when it comes, as it will", and postulated that such a belief made one a "useful Tory idiot born yesterday"? Well, it didn't even take a year for that whacko theory to get whacked straight out of the park. And who came up with that whacko theory, I wonder? Oh yes, that's right, Henry One-Short-Of-The-Ten, YOU DID!!!! And you dare to call Dr Eric thick!!! :D :D :D :D :D

(Oh by the way, well done on correctly guessing I'm a grown-up. At least you got one thing right. I wish I could similarly venture to guess you too are out of short trousers, but as your contributions are invariably so puerile and banal, I must hesitate on that).

Anyway, as I say, little Henners, keep 'em coming, because they always provide a good laugh! :D