Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Expats quit Europe

Thus reads the headline in today's Times telling how  Brits are flocking back to the UK. Those quitting Europe are mainly elderly worried by the Europhile scare stories that they will be kicked out if we vote to leave. Put in a black maria and driven to Calais was one report. More worrying for the elderly is health care may be withdrawn and GUK pensions not paid. This shows the self interested Europhiles in their true light, prepared to terrorise and scare defenceless elderly people to preserve the political elites place on the EU gravy train. These people are contemptible.

If, as I hope we vote to leave on 23rd June nothing can happen for at least two years!

Health care is done on a reciprocal basis and non UK EU citizens receive far more healthcare in the UK than Brits do in the EU. According to UN figures there are 2.9 million Europeans living in the UK but only 1.2 million Brits living in the EU so its not difficult to see they get far more from us than our pensioners get from them. Over the last two years 72000 Brits have left Spain probably mainly those of working age who cannot get a job in Spain because unemployment is so high there.

British pensioners living in the EU put money into the EU economy which it desperately needs. Why on earth would they kick out the goose that lays the golden eggs.

But these truths do not matter one jot to our sordid self serving political elite. Keeping their snouts in the Brussels trough and seat at the top table is all they are interested in. The EU has provided a very good living for all the Kinnock family. Lets see what they do for the Port Talbot steelworks threatened with closure. Not for nothing was Kinnock senior called the Welsh wind bag. Hot air was all he could do.

Our political elite does not hesitate to exploit the most vulnerable in our society!

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