Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Gus O'Donnell the ultimate mandarin

I like Gus. I met him a couple of times when he was the HMT spy on the MPC and he was kind enough to invite me to one of his guys farewell drinks in HMT. He is very able and a true Sir Humphrey so much cleverer than our useless MPs who get into government and think they run the country. They don't, Gus and his like run the UK. There are a few able MPs on the backbenches like Moggy and Jesse Norman but they have the bad habit of thinking for themselves which the whips detest

Gus sees politicians as an obstacle to the smooth functioning of government and therefore to be kept well away from real decisions. In this he is in complete agrrement with the EU elite like Junker.

He made the observation today on his remark it would take up to 10 years to extricate us from the EU that this was a deliberate ploy in drawing up the Lisbon Treaty ie to make it very difficult to leave the EU. This is sadly true and is yet another case of the UK electorate being deliberately misled by the EU and our MPs like Ken Clarke not reading the treaties.

Its going to take real political courage to stand up to the EU and UK civil service. I do not think our MPs are up to it intellectually and lacking  moral fibre will sell us out asap.

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