Sunday, 27 March 2016

Fear trumps everything is the EU creed.

Amor vincit omnia wrote the Roman poet but he was wrong. Fear is the strongest emotion and is never forgotten by man nor beast. I remember our dog, less than a year old, gettting stung in its tail in front of my fathers white painted bee hives. Up to its death 13 years later it allways gave white boxes a wide berth.

It is the same with human beings. Worse, as Burke said, "No passion so effectively robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear". Politicians are expert at preying on  and stoking up peoples worse fears. It is the ultimate weapon of politics and can be conjured up anywhere and in any circumstances. Thus we had the ludicrous claims this week that if we left the EU the NHS would collapse as the staff left. Fact is the NHS will fail irrespective of whether we are in or not in the EU. Also why on earth would all these NHS employees want to return to cerain unemployment in the EU. Anyway most foreign NHS employess come from come from India, Pakistan, the Phillipines and Africa where there are no jobs for them. That's why they are here!

Fear however is such a strong political weapon that politicians invoke irrespective of  whether it is true or not. Thus we have another sordid US figure called Pattreus telling us we cannot be secure outside the EU. Rubbish from another sleaze ball Yank. Imagine if we advised US citizens that only Donald Trump could keep them safe from Mexicans as well as the IS. The German AfD leader has just pointed out how can we be secure when we don't even know who is in the country.

Fear works is the political mantra and it is true. Scare them enough about what might happen if you vote for the other side and they will vote for you. The whole debate is littered with political weasel words with could and might prominent. Both sides are at it but the remain side has bigger guns saying it are winning this battle but in truthe the outers have no option but to use fear as well but how?

The Out campaign has to look at the history of what the EU has done to play the fear card successfully. When we voted after in Wislon's fake renegotiation referendum to stay in it was the Commmon Market, a free trade area we voted for in 1975. Forty years of EU bureacracy and incompetent British politician later we are edging close and closer to a US of Europe ruled not by democracy but by the autocracy of a self perpetuating permanent ruling Franco Prussian political elite who hate us and our democratic traditions. Its like the old colonial freedom fighters who could agree only on one thing, to hate the Brits. When the Brits left they started fighting each other which is exactly what will happen when we leave the EU. That is what the Eurocrats fear when they say if we leave it could be terminal for the EU. Hatred of us and love of our money is all that unites them.

Roosevelt got it right when he said in WWII , "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". A minutes rational thought blows away the EU phile case built as it is on naked self interest and corruption exemplified by lobbyists like Roland Rat who make a fine living out of the EU and appear endlessly on the BBC Brussels broadcasting corporation bought by the EU using our money. See how Dan Hannnan destroyed the EU funded pensioner Mandelson. Hanaan used facts Mandelson mere ly asserted the usual unsubstantited mantras

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