Friday, 25 March 2016

Nailing the EU lies - leaving the EU would make us more, not less secure

The former director of MI6, Richard Dearlove  say that if we left the EU we could then strengthen our borders against terrorists and deport those we catch in the UK.

The we have this from the former director of the CIA

The European Union often "gets in the way" of countries ability to keep their citizens safe, a former CIA chief has warned.
General Michael Hayden said the EU was "not a natural contributor to national security" in member states, and that a vote for Brexit in June would have little impact on America's willingness to work with the UK or other European intelligence agencies
Then there is this beauty
Yet still we have our useless politicians like Fallon and May parroting the safer in the EU mantra plus their political appointee the useless Hogan Howe , never apologise just go on getting it wrong.
The divide is clear. Professionals use common sense and look at the facts. Politicians like May, Fallon are wedded to the great EU project which must go on despite the increasing death toll. They are like Generals of the First World War, incapable of admitting they are wrong and let someone else do the dying.
The prize for this week's EU phile idiot goes to the obnoxious Amber Rudd a woman who will shout anyone down and will swear black  is whiite if Dave asks her to.
She does not seem to know and cannot admit that none of our gas comes from Russia. Not a mention on the BBC that she is the sister of Roland Rudd one of the biggest and best paid lobbyists in Brussels where the murdering Jihadists come from, a bit like the line in Charley's Aunt.
The EU puts us all in harms way. Only those heavily guarded EU bureaucrats in the Brussels Berlaymont bunker are safe. They are the Jihadis greatest ally! 


Henry IX said...

Derick: I know you're a massive Guido Fawkes fan - in fact 90% of this blog is just cut and paste from his site but you've missed this one.....

Nigel Farage is under pressure internally from carping ‘Kippers and Farage-sceptic fellow Brexiteers of the Tory persuasion. UKIP are reminding everyone that although he may be like Marmite, repelling as many as he attracts, he is still more popular than any other politician bar Boris. If next week the Electoral Commission designates Vote Leave rather than the GO/Leave.EU option, Guido hopes that all concerned will remember that Nigel is the least unpopular political leader in the country. Remember also that Farage – against the media’s expectations – bested Clegg in their head-to-head TV debate. Nigel should be deployed where he can be most effective.

At the 1922 Committee meeting this week David Cameron told his backbenchers that they should be telling voters that it was the Conservative Party that gave the people a referendum. In truth it was Nigel Farage who forced the Prime Minister to concede this referendum. Nigel deserves his place in British history for this alone and hopefully for more than that after June 23…

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Henry9 but Farage cannot win this referendum, too many people don't like him. People like BoJo and Gisela. Simples. Look to the future not the past. Come to think of it should you not be back in the period 1530 to 1540?

Stephen Harness said...

Suzanne Evans seems to be without portfolio at the moment.

Henry IX said...

?? You agree that Farage should be the leader of Leave????!!! Really???? Massive u-turn there!!!

Eric Edmond said...

No. I think Farage did well to get us a referendum but its time for him to leave it to those who can win a referendum.