Thursday, 24 March 2016

Suzanne Evans on LBC says she was suspended because Farage sees her as a threat

I suggest you try and listen to this Ian Dale interview

I hope this link works. I listened to it on Somerset Yokel BT internet which is not very good

Ms Evans has been blocked as a UKIP candidate and spokesman by being suspended by the UKIP NEC. I have a great deal of sympathy with her. I have been in the same position and was expelled from my elected position on the  NEC on charges framed by Bannerman . I was also deselected from my seperate elected position on the UKIP SW MEP slate.

I was not alone Del Young suffered a simiar fate and it is as Ms Evans says happens to anyone who has enough talent to stand up to Farage. They get voted out by UKIP's NEC.

Farage controls the NEC through his control of the UKIP MEP slates. The NEC is packed with talentless wannabe MEPs who will do anything to retain Farage's favour. . The rewards of being an MEP are £1 million pounds over 5 years. Dan Hannan pointed this out in a recent speech he made and very honestly said being an MEP is a very lucrative career. It also  requires little or no talent as many UKIP MEPs show every time they open their mouths.

I have huge sympathy with Ms Evans. She seems to be a talented able woman who can only benefit our struggle to get out of the EU. The same cannot be said of many UKIP MEPs who are only there for the EU's 30 pieces of siver.

It is on the LBC website


Stephen Harness said...

The pack dogs are out. Even Diane James is there eager for blood, Suzanne blood.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes! Looks like a bitch fight.