Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Suzanne Evans takes UKIP to High Court today

Below is from Guido Fawkes on the case.

Guido understands there a plans afoot in UKIP to suspend Suzanne Evans from the party. The party scheduled a disciplinary meeting this morning to discuss whether to take action against Evans over a series of claims involving alleged breaches of party rules. Court documents show that Evans is filing an application to the High Court at midday today to attempt to postpone any disciplinary action until after the GLA nominations are closed on March 31. In the explosive court documents, Suzanne writes that Nigel Farage is trying to force her out:
Evans makes a series of allegations against Arron Banks and Farage’s former aide Raheem Kassam:
She concludes:
The most explosive developments in the UKIP civil war yet…
UPDATE: UKIP confirm Suzanne Evans has been suspended for six months.

My comments: The leopard does not change its spots. Farage has always been paranoid about plots against him and has always recruited people like Mr Kassam to smear and attack his perceived personal enemies. Mr Farage runs UKIP as a personality cult . Nothing will change until Farage is removed.
O'Flynn, Carswell, Suzanne Evans are more able than Farage which unsettles NF. 

PS This afternoon UKIP announces 6 month suspension of Ms Evans ensuring she cannot stand for leader against Farage this September. Another of the cabal's favourite tricks.

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