Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Safer, stronger better off in the EU is now seen as the empty slogan it always was.

It always was an empty slogan and it was awful to see that pathetic little man Farron parotting these words post Brussels parliament today. Schengen is clearly finished.

ISIS has learned well from the IRA, hit the empire at its heart and its cowardly political elite will crumble. We will hear the usual bleats of more EU from the philes and that we must carry on and not let the terrorists win. I would call shutting down the EU capital a considerable victory for ISIS.

Why Brussels? Well it has a 25% Muslim population and Londonistan could easily be next. When will the elite admit maybe Trump may be right?. The only way to stop Muslim terrorism in our country is to halt Muslim immigration.

FCO advice is not to go to Brussels. Citizens of the EU cannot visit their capital. Quelle domage.
F Hollande like Bush has called for a war on terror but where and how? Answers please M Hollande.


Stephen Harness said...

Yes, yes, yes but our war mongers still walk free, even after fighting illegal wars in the name of insanity. Illegal wars that have created a monster.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Mr Harness. Blair and Bush have a lot of innocent blood on their hands.