Thursday, 14 April 2016

Death of our democracy

Comrade Corbyn was a staunch disciple of Wedgie Benn who detested the EU all his life. Wedgie divided politicians into two classes, signposts and weather vanes. Benn clearly fell into the former group. You could revisit 30 years later and find Benn still pointing the same way so you knew where yo were with Wedgie. Comrade Corbyn is  made from weaker stuff. He lined up today with Dodgy Dave but here is what he was saying on the EU before today.

“A European bureaucracy totally unaccountable to anybody. Powers have gone from national parliaments. They haven’t gone to the European Parliament, they’ve gone to the Commission and to some extent the Council of Ministers. These are quite serious matters.”

So we now know Corbyn is a weather vane shifting all the time with the prevailing political wind or to put it crudely you cannot believe a word he says just like his new chum Dodgy Dave.

But its when you see the political elite all lined up saying the same thing that as Peter Hitchens frequently points out there can be no democracy because there is no choice when they all say the same thing on an issue as crucial as this for our country.

I laughed at the call centre line up on TV today for the photo shoot, Dodgy Dave, Windbag Kinnock and Paddy Pantsdown.All peddling the same tripe justified by party unity so no democracy there then.

I do hope Paddy and Kinnockio remember what happened to Scottish Labour and the LibDems when they appeared with the Tories in the 2014 Scottish Referendum. They got screwed by the Tories and virually wiped out. As a dog returns to its vomit a foolish politician returns to his folly. Dodgy Dave is the greatest con artist since Blair or should I say More Blair.

Grayling has welcomed Farage into the vote leave fold. Not a smart move in my opinion as within hours the philes were running the line do you want to be ruled by the nasty Boris and even nastier Farage after a Brexit on 23rd June? That will win votes for Remain especially amongst women voters who don't like Farage one bit and women make up more than half the electorate. You cannot win a referendum with less than 50% of the vote. I can only quote again from the book of Proverbs.

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