Friday, 15 April 2016

Osborne is despicable

There is no more obnoxious member of the government than Gideon, posh boy Osborne. His latest scare is if we leave the EU you risk losing your house. That is just a scaremongering lie. David Buik a well known City figure who has forgotten more about financial markets than Osborne knows or will ever know tweets thus:

Chancellor Osborne is understandably desperate to keep UK in EU, BUT there is no CONCRETE evidence that BREXIT would increase mortgage rates

I would remove the caveat concrete.

As we are not in the Euro, thank God, mortgage interst rates are set by the Bank of England. As such in monetary matters we are sovereign! We can print pounds to get us out of any hole and are beholden to no one. That is the control of its money is the perogative of the UK alone. 

You can envisage Gideon at public school terrorising the fags just like his chum Flashman Dave. Don't expect any serious debate on leaving the EU for the next 10 weeks and you won't be disappointed.

Nice photo of three of our political elite laughing all the way to the EU trough.

The return of the three amigos.


Stephen Harness said...

What an offensive picture to see on a Saturday morning, on even any day of the week.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree.Times cartoonist did it with the caption, "Who's up for a threesome?"

Stephen Harness said...

Perhaps as the Leave campaign do not have a cost/benefit study to quote now that the £55 million per day claim has been shredded, they could just print literature with this image on the front page. It may frighten the children but at least it may encourage them to engage. "Would you take a sweetie from these morons?"