Saturday, 16 April 2016

It's the Establishment versus the people

Farage said a few days ago this was how he saw it and he was right. Its not just the Establishment but the Red Princes wannabee rulers, Will Straw son of Jack and Dtephen Kinnock son of Neil that show we have replaced one herditary ruling class with another of the same ilk. If we vote Out these people will still be around but we will have cut of their EU emoluments and forced them back to answering to the British people and thus made their cushy lives at  our expense a lot more difficult.

I cannot understand the Remain case. The EU is clearly a failing state politically and economically so why stay. The argument they will be very nasty to us if we dare leave is nonsense. The customer is always right and we are the EU's biggest customer to the tune of £75 billion plus. No business would go out of its way to offend its biggest customer, quite the opposite in fact.

But thr real debate should be a political one. Who do you want to be ruled by, an unelected unremovable set of foreign commissioners appointed by foreign powers and sitting in Brussels or elected, removable Brits sitting in London? Its a no brainer.

As BoJo daid today as Mayor of London he cycles through the streets where the populace can shout Tory tosser at him along with other worse expressions. The EU crats ride around in tinted glas limos travelling at high speed and never come into contact with the plebs.

Its a shame we do not have a constituion which allows the citizren to bear arms. The reason is our rulers have been terrified of assassination since 1920 following the disastrous UK involvemrnt in the disastrous European WWI via the entente cordiale so they restricted our holding arms to virtually nil. Every Swiss male between 20 and 60 keeps a rifle and ammuntion in his own house in case of invasion yet Switzerland has negligible gun crime unlike Obama land where thosands are killed every year. Go back home Mr President and put your own house in order before you come telling us how to vote. The US founding fathers cry was no taxation without representation. If it was good enough for them why not us?

That is why Obama can see it as a good thing for us to be ruled by foreigners and tried by foreign judges in foreign courts but not for the US. If he tried that he would quickly find himself the 6th US President to be assassinated. Obama is far more dangerous to us than Donald Trump that the BBC want to ban from the UK, Better to ban Obama he is a clear and present danger to our way of life in the UK.

Many of the Europe's migration woes can be attibuted to Obama's complete vacuum of a Middle East foreign policy. He has already damaged Europe enough so let's tell him to get right back on Air Force One with Michelle.


Stephen Harness said...

I am not an admirer of President Obama or the US foreign policy. It appears to have just one element, urging the UK to remain shackled to the EU. However we are partly responsible for the Middle East crisis, or vacuum. Decisions made by Blair, Bush, as well as Cameron and Hollande have resulted in this chaos. Putin has stepped in to tackle the evil he has identified in Syria while the EU sees land grab and the arming of opponents of Assad as the way forward. Not an easy way forward or fix and inevitably it will cost a fortune to rebuild Syria. Ron Paul wanted to bring the US troops home and stop being the world policemen. Perhaps the world is too dangerous now for that to happen and that we are facing the end of society. I do not see a statesman on the horizon with the diplomatic skills to present a solution to end this nightmare. We can start by taking former leaders to court for war crimes, and the present incumbents who are just as culpable.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree, Blair & Bush the younger should have been prosecuted for war crimes but Obama has done nothing. They should have left it to Putin to handle. The Russians have been dealing with the Middle East for hundreds of years. OK Putin may not be a very nice man but neither are many world leaders and at least Putin would have sorted things out. If it ends up with the Rusians running the Middle East so be it. The Anglo Saxons plus Franco Prussians have just made things worse. Big Oil is not so important post fracking.

Russia is in Europe and has European standards and values. Syria, Iraq,Iran are the Middle East.