Monday, 11 April 2016

Farage refuses to publish his tax returns, Why?

Farage has made a shed load of money out of being an MEP and UKIP party leader with many lucrative additional emoluments for TV appearances, speaking etc so I am not surprised he does not want to publish his tax returns. He has portrayed himself as an ordinary bloke who likes his beer and fags whereas the truth is he has become a wealthy man out on the back off UKIP activists. He is not in the Cameron, Osborne, Letwin etc  wealth league but by the standards of ordinary UKIP members and voters he is rich. For many years he did not donate to UKIP until he was shamed into so doing a few years back and I think gave £1000 to UKIP  but I am happy to be corrected on that point of quantity and timing.

I do not mind people making lots of money out of politics provided they are transparent and honest about it. Many politicians claim they went into politics to improve the lot of the poor. This is of course a lie. They are in politics because in no other career can they make so much money with so little talent,  or work and enjoy such a luxurious life style and post retirement benefits. There are of course many honourable exceptions but excluding Danel Hanaan few are MEPs, more are Labour MPs like Gisela Stuart, Frank Field to name but two. On the Tory side IDS and Rees Mogg spring to mind.

I think the move to publish MP's tax returns is as Moggie said this morning irresistible although it should include MEPs tax returns to rid us of Farage and his placemen before the referendum.

But we have a second unelected legislative chamber called the House of Lords stuffed full of old cronies and crones seeking to supplement their meagre £300 per day attendance allowance by hosting lobbyists corporate events on the terrace of the palace of Westminster, sitting on quangos and corporate boards. Asking them to declare their interests before they speak on proposed legislation affected by their coporate paymasters is about the best we will get. I don't like or approve of their behaviour but short of having a much smaller, say 100 member House of Lords elected fptp but on a regional franchise I can only see the HoL continue to swell to one thousand plus as politicians become younger on election to the HoC and will need a longer retirement sinecure to keep them in the state their inflated egos have become accustomed to.

There is a group in the HoL that need their wings clipped right now, the EU pensioners. We can at least recognise Chelsea pensioners by their bright red coats but EU pensioners are like chameleons frequently changing political colour. I think of Mr Kinnock, Mrs Kinnock, Mr Mandelson and the one the Chinese used to call fat Pang, Mr Patten. All are in receipt of EU pensions that can be withdrawn if they speak publicaly against the EU. So who do these people represent the EU or the UK?

Mr Kinnock is partcularly interesting. He used to be a vociferous critic of the EEC and the HoL indeed promising to abolish the latter if he came to power. There was no une more vociferous than the Welsh  windbag as he was known in the Torypress on these matters. But now he is an ardent supporter of the EU and HoL. I wonder why? Surely not for £300 a day tax free  although many Port Talbot soon to be redundant steel workers will tell you they would settle for that in perpetuity. But who is the MP for Port Talbot? Step forward Master Kinnock foisted on the local party by daddy Kinnock and the Labour establishment. And where did Master Kinnock earn his living previously. That's right in the EU where I believe he met his attractive wife, now former Danish PM. No need to watch Scandidrama just watch the Kinnocks. Both I presume on EU deferred pensions that may not appear in a tax return.

You will be seeing a lot of these people on your TV urging you to vote Remain. Will they declare they are paid pensions by the EU.? Well no, they have been given a political elite exemption like our national broadcaster has been made exempt from the FOI requests. Pass the sick bag Mabel as John Junor used to write when editor of the Sunday Express..


Ken Adams said...

By sleight of hand Cameron has changed the question to one about his own tax, when the question was did he gain from his fathers tax avoidance schemes. He was not being accused of cheating on his tax but of being a hypocrite. Now everyone has forgotten that and let Cameron off the hook and are demanding everyone publishes their tax details. Cameron must be laughing at how easy it was to distract the media from the real question.

Eric Edmond said...

Very perceptive Mr Adams.

William Stinner said...

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