Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Why do we tolerate foreign interference in our referendum?

The EU In/Out referendum to be held  on 23rd June is the most important political decision we, the people of the UK, have had to vote for iny lifetime. It will stand for at least a generation and probably longer and if we vote Remain we will consign our children ad grand children to a lifetime of servitude to a EU self appointed and self perpetuating political eite. That is what is at stake in this referendum. Jobs and employers come and go but if our country goes on 23rd June it will I fear be gone forever.

The bottom line is we will have to live with the consequences of this decision for many years to come. The sordid Obama will be here for a day and off back to the US and good riddance. He is no friend of the UK. In fact like many US politicians he hates us as they were once part of the British Empire and under British rules. Obama detests us because we locked up his grandfather for Mau Mau atrocities in Kenya in the early 1950s. Obama should be grateful his granpappy was not living under US law or he would have been toast and spared us Obama's endless meaningless rhetorical drivel. it suits Obama's politics to have us in the EU to promote his views. If it is good for us does not enter into Obama's mind one iota.

He did his best to bankrupt BP or in Obama speak British Petroleum for an oil well accident that killed 12 US citizens. We had 167 killed on Piper Alpha in 1976, an American  operated rig Mr President!

We don't have a special relationship with the US or any other foreign power so we have to look out for ourselves. So why does out PM not stand up for our national interests? I think he does not believe in our country. He is in Lamont's words only interested in being in office and keeping Labour out. He has no vision for our country and does not think we can run our own affairs. But to invite the EU in to run our country which is what he has done is something no other National leader would even comtemplate. LikeTory Heath before him Cameron is a traitor. Eton has a long tradition of producing traitors Guy Burgess  for one. Harrow not only educated Churchill but also John Amery executed during WWII. For too long our populace has deferred to public school boys. Its time to judge them on what they do not where they went to school.

Today we hear the 'independent ' IMF head by Mme Lagarde has been saying complete economic meltdown will follow a Brexit vote. If that sound a bit like Gideon Osborne then that may be because Gideon twice nominated Lagarde for top job at the IMF. Its called payback. Mme Lagrade has French interests closest to her heart and her domestic political ambitions.

Also we have one  Maurice Obstfeld, the Fund's chief economist, opining, "A Brexit could do severe regional and global damage by disrupting established trading relationships.". Note the use of the weasel word 'could'. Also where did Mr Obst feld come from? Well he was previously one of Obama's chief economic advisors. Maybe thats we he sounds just like Obama.

All these scare stories are littered with weasel words, could, might, may etc. Ignore them and remember you will have to live with the referendum decision not Obama or Lagarde or Obstfeld. Ask why does our PM want so much to sell us out. A patriot would have withdrawn the Obama invite on the grounds he is interfering in our internal affairs and a decision which is solely for the British people. Piss off back to Washington I say and good riddance!  


Stephen Harness said...

The IMF have certainly lost credibility after the crisis in Greece. They should have been instructed to leave the euro project and helped to do so. Instead the IMF put Greece back in the box without a hope of economic recovery. Good article.

Eric Edmond said...

ThxStephen. The IM|F has been in the hands of the French for 60% of the time since it was set up in 1948. Not healthy especially when Ms Lagarde still has presidential ambitions.

William Stinner said...

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