Friday, 1 April 2016

John Longworth: If we want to be best for business we must leave the EU

John Longworth was the head of the British Chambers of Commerce. the organisation that represents UK small and medim sized business. He was forced to resign for supporting Brexit. His is the authentic voice of UK business unlike the CBI which represents is big business and employs numerous EU lobbyists.

Longworth has an outstanding piece on the above topic in Thursaday's Daily Telegraph, Business Section page 2. Click link to read

There is also a piece by  a Spaniard woman called Gonzales who should be, but is not, identified  in the DT, as Mrs N Clegg.

The main points of paraphrase Longworths piece are as below but I recommend reading his own words if you can.

We put £20 bn in, get 10bn back to be spent on Eu approved projects. The Commmon Market was primarily designed forGerman industry and French agriculture. As Nick Ridley once put it , 'a German racket'

Longworth rightly points out there are many 'technical'  barriers to trade in the much vaunted single market to the extent many British SMEs do not even try to trade there but concentrate on the old Commonwealth.

The 10 Eurozone nations will always outvote us. Dave's agreement will be like Chamberlain's 1938 bit of Munich paper, worthless and unenforceable.

In the EU we will face all the scare scenarios the philes attribute to Brexit but do read Mr Longworth for yourself.

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