Sunday, 3 April 2016

What will happen if we vote Remain?

Diane James gave the answer to this on Murnaghan this morning but she did not give it nearly enough emphasis. She pointed out that the overaid underworked MEPs were curently increasingly underemployed as the Commission held back controversial legislation for them to ratify for fear of Cameron losing the Referendum as a result. It suits them as of course they have plenty on their plate with the migrant/Turkey/Greece/ Syria crisis on their hands and worsening as the weather improves the Eastern Mediterranean.

So the answer to the philes favourite jibe as to the Brexit not saying what will happen if we vote to leave is that it is a certainty to be whole lot worse if we vote to stay in as the Commisssion have a whole load of nasties ready to go if we vote in. I agree there may be some short term turbulence following a leavvote but the long term efffect will be as beneficial as when we got kicked out of the ERM in Sept 1992. There was turbulence then until HMG changed policy and it rapidly became best thing that had happened to the UK economy for a generation.

Thus it will be if we vote leave. I predict the net benefits will show  through in less than three months!

We must emphasise this positive outlook in every interview, press conference and debate.


Anonymous said...

Voting remain is the same as voting to adopt the euro.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree. It will happen as the Eurozone crumbles.