Thursday, 7 April 2016

Moggy v Paddy on Remain or Leave, Martock 7:30 to night

That is the line up at All Saints church Martock Thursday night at 7:30 pm. As it is only 2 miles from my house I shall go but I doubt my close neighbour Paddy will be give me a lift. Below are my speaking notes although I doubt the Lib Dems who control Martock will let me speak. Paddy has little grasp of history

The main strategic danger is the proposed EU Ukraine treaty. Many Ukrainians fought on the German side in WWII a war the Russians call the Great Patriotic War in which they lost 30 million of their people. The Russians have not forgotten.

I knew a number of Ukrainians in Edinburgh who were left over from the War. The made vodka from pig swill potatoes, got drunk and sang the Volga boat song but otherwise they were good people.

At the end of the war that great defender of human rights Winston Churchill seeking to curry favour with Joe Stalin had them rounded up those he could catch  and shipped back to Odessa where Uncle Joe had them shot on the quayside as traitors for fighting for Germany.

The Russians hate the Germans and as far as Putin is concerned and I agree with him the EU is the German Fourth Reich. If the EU medddles with Putin they will come off worse. Russia had an army and tanks that defeated Hitler's Panzers during the War something we or the Yanks could never have done. They still have great military hardware, rockets and nuclear weapons. They were also the original rocket pioneers and even today provided the rocket to put Major Tim in his satellite,

Putin is sorting out the Middle East so don't annoy him, support him in his efforts. The Yanks and the EU have only brought chaos to that region. Walk tall, chew gum, kick ass is just for Hollywood movies. Believe it if you will, Putin doesn't!

Get out of the EU before we get dragged into an insane conflict with Russia.

The Russians are the worlds greatest chess players. They think and calculate before they act.

The other nation the Russians hate is the French. They have not forgotten Napoleon's invasion of their country The great French military genius lost 500000 men in that fiasco to add to his Egyptian campaign losses.

When you add in the EU hatred of the Anglo Saxons represented by us and the USA  you see dangers on all sides. When I used to go to Brussels I was assailed with their desire for European solutions to European problems. It did not matter the Yanks had already solved these problems the wheel had to be reinvented!

The other great danger to us is the Euro obsession. The EU wants to be a country to rival the US. Hence it needs a currency to challenge the US dollar so we have the Euro. This is the ultimate EU vanity project. People, countries and economies are expendable in the cause of the Euro.

Just after I left the Bank of England in 2004 I gave a talk to Ukip and opined the Euro must eventually fall to bits. I was asked by Farage's pal the now deceased Wood when this would happen. I replied that it depends how much of the fabric of Europe the EU were prepared to destroy to feed their sacred Cow. We can now see that everyone is expendable except the Franco Prussian axis and I am not so sure about the French bit now . So the Euro madness will go on to the benefit of only the Germans. They lost the war but thanks to our hopeless political elite we have let them win the peace.

As my former German girlfriend said the UK problem is that its officer class is morally corrupt and sets no example to the workers  like MPs expenses and Cameron's use of tax havens. Exactly, so when the workers say what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander there is no answer..

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