Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Who is Robert Oxley?

I have just watched Sky's 6 o'clock news announcing and detailing the governments vote Remain propaganda booklet which will cost us f £9.3 million. There will be no similar government funded leave booklet.We had a pretty useless intro by Faisal Islam who seems to me better suited to an economics not a political brief. Then on comes Liz Truss chanting the better, safer stronger mantra lie they ae seeking to implant in the brains of a gullible electorate they despise. Truss claimed the lauch date was not to distract from Cameron's Panama problems but was in response from an appeal from 83% of the British public for more information. Where did that figure come from?

Now Liz Ttruss is a presentable looking slim blond woman cabinet minister but who did Sky find to put the Leave side ? One Robert Oxley of whom I had never heard and looked like a typical 30 something light weight Spad policy wonk. He has no name recognition with the UK public and sounds like Cameron on a bad day.

This just won't do. Leave or who ever has to get their act together and put up a female MP or MEP to oppose Ms Truss, someone life Gisela Stuart or Diane James. Its not rocket science. Oxley was awful.


Stephen Harness said...

We're doomed. Things must change after the 14th when a lead group is selected, or we're doomed.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree with you and John Lawrie, we are all doomed.

Stephen Harness said...

Suzanne Evans would be a very presentable face for the leave campaign, especially if a structured campaign was agreed and all ad hoc comments resisted. She has nothing else to do while she is serving her ban imposed by UKIP as long as Diane and Jane have not scratched out her eyeballs.

Eric Edmond said...

I would still prefer Gisela Stuart to either but you are right to point out how petty rivalries spoil our case but that all comes from Farage.