Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Obama will say what is in US interests. He does not give a toss about our interests

It is essential when listening to the opinions of such as Obama to ask what is in it for them?

For the US it is immensely useful to have its UK client state sitting in the inner councils of the EU and reporting back to Washington. Even better any anti US interests can be easily disowned as they will claim the UK is a sovereign country over which the US has no influence. So what is Obama doing over here?

For so called independent bodies like the CBI ask how much they and their members, big companies with many EU lobbyists get from the EU both in cash and in kind. If I were in Martin Sorrel's position and getting a salary of many millions of pounds I would want to keep things just as they are but how many if us are in that position probably around 50 with most of their money off shore.

For NGO charities ask how much they get from the EU.  Often they get billions of Euros so whose side will they be on?

Small firms have no lobbyists in Brussels, get no EU money and surprise surprise they suppport Brexit. There are thousands more small firms than big firms.

All these so called independents advocating Remain are not independent of the EU and they speak only for their own narrow selfish interests.

It is a red flag warning when all speak with one thought. If they were truely independent there would be a divergence of views. I see trouble ahead if we vote Remain.


Stephen Harness said...

Any preference. Trump or Clinton?

Eric Edmond said...

Trump, he's a fun boy.