Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Erdogan, the EUs nasty dictator

Henry Kissinger once said in reply to a question concerning a US puppet dictator, "Yes, I know he is a nasty dictator but  he's our nasty dictator . Thus it is with Erdogan. Migrants to Greece via Turkey have now been cut to a trickle.

Capx annonuces the EU Turkey deal a great triumph

No questions asked about how this was achieved:


Down from 6000 per day 6 months ago  to around 130 per day now.

As the author writes.

"Of course, this deal has come at a huge political cost to Europe. Angela Merkel’s unilateral open door policy – which has resulted in greater numbers of people risking their lives to reach European shores – has forced the European Union (EU) to negotiate with an increasingly authoritarian Turkish Government. Turkey has squeezed a number of concessions out of the EU at a time of severe crackdowns on freedom of speech. This includes the re-opening of talks on Turkish membership of the EU and the fast-tracking of Visa free access for Turkish citizens to the Schengen area – not to mention a 6 Billion Euro aid package. Angela Merkel has now even taken the extraordinary decision of permitting the prosecution of a German comedian, who made a joke at President Erdogan’s expense."

So the migrant flow stops and the Turkish flow starts complere with EU visas. Were we ever asked or consulted about this rotten and morally corrupt deal? Of course not. Merkel did it to get her off the hook she had hung herself on admitting Syrian refuges  before the German elections.  Dave says Ja wohl Frau Merkel. Those who fought against Hitler must be turning in their graves at our craven PM. As they sing in the Borders about  another Old Etonian PM, "Its up wi' the Soutars of Selkirk and doon wi the craven Lord Home. Private Eye used to write about Home, having helped start WWII he took to his bed for the duration with a bad back.

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