Thursday, 21 April 2016

12 Reasons Why Obama is No ‘Friend’ of Britain

James Dellingpole has written an excellent piece on the above topic. Click below to read it

I wrote on this topic on 12th April and later on the 19th April. I make no apology for revisting this topic again as it is so crucial to the future of our country. Obama is one of the poorest US Presidents in my lifetime. He has done nothing of note whilst in office. He is a man of no vision just another sordid  US politician interested only in furthering Democratic party interests. Delingpole's list is compelling.

I knew a former  Kenya police Officer in post before and at the start of  the Mau Mau.He had to deal with 250 black on black murders each year. That Obama's grandfather alleges he was mistreated during this period is not surprising. It may or may not be true. Its sad that Obama bears a grudge agains the Brits. His grandfather clearly survived with his reproductive faculties intact despite the accusations of what the Brits did to his testicles.

Getting rid of the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval office was not smart just spiteful. Churchills mother Jenny Jerome was a US citizen one of the reasonns the Yanks liked Churchill so Churchill was probably more American than Obama!

 “British Petroleum”.
"No one calls BP that any more. Except when it’s President Obama trying to make a cheap shot political point, in an election year, by resorting to a bit of casual xenophobia. Dictators, mad mullahs, and African despots play this game all the time. But you’d expect better of the President of a nation with which Britain supposedly has a “Special Relationship.”

The Falklands
 In the days of Reagan and Thatcher when maybe there was a Special Relationship, it was with America’s tacit assistance that Britain – at the behest of the islanders – wrested the Falkland Islands back from the Argentine invaders. Much blood and treasure was expended in this exercise; it is part of Britain’s national myth. So how disappointing that in a more recent round of Argentine sabre-rattling in 2010, the Obama administration more or less have sided with Britain’s old enemy. I do not think we have any special relationship but I do think we have shared values of democracy based on one man one vote, a habeas corpus legal system and fairness.
He let it be known that he prefers Britain’s oldest enemy the French
“We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people.”
That 's the same lot Dubya called cheese eating surrender monkeys.
The EU is stuffed full of Anglo Saxon hating French civil servants who cannot admit it was the Yanks that gave them their country back.
Just wait until the next time US and French interests conflict to find out which President was right.
He could not be bothered to come to Thatcher's funeral. Who invited Obama and why is Betty von Battenburg giving him lunch?


Stephen Harness said...

It would be nice to think the Queen would bend his ear but she suffer the humiliation of being in the presence of a very poor president and Chamberlain Cameron. She will just smile and be polite.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree. Obama is all talk and Yes we can send him back with a flea in his ear.