Friday, 22 April 2016

Trust the Briish people and ignore self interested hypocrit Obama

Alllister Heath wrote a great piece in yesterday's Telegraph entitled ,"Its tragic that the Remainers believe Britain has to be forced to be free". Its a lot better than the confusing headline! The title quotes Rousseau's most famous dictum, "The people must be forced to be free" lived 1712 -1778 is worshipped by the French but he was actually born in Geneva a great city of learnning. His sub plot is the people cannot always be trusted to do the 'right' thing and must therefore be guidedby an enlightened elite. Sound familiar? None of this one man one vote Anglo Saxon nonsense for Rosseau. Music to the ears of the EU who are petrified of meeting real working people.

The EU elite think ordinary people are not to be trusted with the exercise of ploitical power. Look at how that brought Hitler to power in the 30s. Well Hitler could never have done it alone. He had plenty of help from the Franco Prussian elite.

Now the EU elite simply say they are following EU rules and judgements and that's that. No democracy there then. I cannot seem to find Heath's piece on the Telegraph web site so I would be grateful to any one can find it and post link in comments section of this blog.

If you want to see this elite en mass they are to be found at Davos each year troughing at our expense.

I trust the people more than the Davos elite to get it right. Paddy Pantsdown can produce pro-EU statements on QT  from as many of the elite as he likes. They all say the same thing. In statistical terms they are highly correlated. There is no range of opinions allowed. Whenever that happens you can be sure they are wrong as they were with us joining the Euro

Today, Tim Stanley has written a brilliant piece in the Telegraph entitled,

Barack Obama, our fair-weather friend, is wrong about the EU

Click below to read his piece

Its so well written I cannot improve on it. Its a must read but I give a few quotes:

"You also have to be unusually well-engaged to understand that Obama’s foreign policy is disengaged: he has abandoned the Middle East and took a long time to care about Russian revanchism. So Barack’s advice comes from a very fair-weather friend. But few people will know that."

"What they ought to know, however, is that Barack Obama is asking Britain to do something that the USA constitutionally cannot and would not do – sacrifice its sovereignty. It has signed plenty of free trade agreements, sure. But there is no open border with Mexico. No North American supreme court that tries to overrule Congress. These things are impossible because US independence has been jealously guarded since 1776. George Washington said: “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world”. Thomas Jefferson declared: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.”

It would be so good if we had such political leaders

I can only add one thing that Michael Portillo said last night on Andrew Neil's show that Obama better wake up to how much the French detest the US..they think they should be runnning the world not the hated Anglo Saxons. I second that. I met the same visceral hatred of us at lower levels of the EU. It is endemic in the EU.

One senior French diplomat tried to tell me France was liberated by Free French forces, a complete lie but the French believe it! They hate the Yanks for giving them back their country. They hate us for banging up Napoleon to rot on St Helena.

I am just watching that hypocrit Obama pretending he is our friend. Tell that to BP

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Stephen Harness said...

A day that will go down in infamy. A sad day for the UK, the USA and all lovers of democracy. The US is determines to have a large portion of our NHS, perhaps all of it.