Saturday, 23 April 2016

The danger of Remaining in the EU

This cartoon sums up the weakness of the Remain position. No one knows what will happen if we vote to Remain in the EU but if we vote to Leave e will be in chardge of our own destiny. Every other country does this why not the UK?

And from the Telegraph

Gallery: Telegraph Cartoons April 2016

I would have put Cameron's face on the dog after all he has been Obama's poodle for many years.

Prior to that there was a great piece in the Telegraph on Thursday by Leo McKinstry. The headline sums it up:

The Remain camp would rather live in a world where the public has no voice

That is how the LibDems want us to live kow towing to Paddy, Clegg and Cameron. Grass roots Tories know Cameron is a closet LibDem the most useless party ever to besmirch the UK body politic. They say all things to all men so no one knows what if anything they stand for and tehy thus can never be held to account for anythimg. Thank God the Tory grass roots has virtually wiped them out. At least we know what their replacement the Scot Nats stand for. Clegg will be off to Brussels soon to his old pal Juncker. Thank goodnness there will be a leadership challenge to Cameron this Autumn come what may. He has made a lot of enemies in his conduct of this referendum campaign.

The full McKinstry piece is on the link below. Its well worth a read.

It was sickening yesterday to see Cameron's Old Etonian smirk as Obama did his dirty work. Cameron is a disgrace to his office and should resign. He is paid to represent us at the highest level. He cannot sub-contract this especially to a slimey US politician from Chicago a byword for electoral corruption. Remember how in  1960 Mayor Daley a Democrat fiddled the result in Cook county for Jack Kennedy to keep Richard Nixon out of the Oval office. Kennedy was the darling of the liberal ruling elite and the worst US president in my lifetime. He damn near got us into a nuclear war and of course had the compulsory US invasion of a foreign country Cuba at the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

Politicians who side with foreign rulers against their own people in other countries end up assassinated. Thats what would happen to Obama if he tried to put the US under foreign rule. We Brits have not rubbed out a PM since Spencer Percival.

In his book The Assassination of the Prime Minister David Hanrahan gives a vividly detailed account of that sunny Monday afternoon in May when at about a quarter past five the 49-year-old Spencer Perceval entered the lobby of the House of Commons on his way into the chamber. A man who had been sitting quietly by the fireplace stood up, walked towards the prime minister, took a pistol out of his overcoat and fired it at Perceval, hitting him in the chest. The prime minister staggered and fell, crying out ‘I am murdered'

Perhaps its time we revived political assasination.


Stephen Harness said...

Obama will have the bragging rights over Cameron at the next Bilderberg meeting in early June.
"Any more I can do for you bro?"

The vomit inducing episode is nearly over and I feel ashamed to have witnessed it.

Eric Edmond said...

Yes, I was left asking the question, "What is Cameron for?"