Sunday, 24 April 2016

Time to change the Vote Leave team

Good football managers change their team when it is misfiring or getting outplayed and bring players off the bench. Its allways a difficult decision, keep the guy on and hope he returns to form or bring on a sub. Alex Ferguson did not hesitate to drop his star player Becks when he felt his mind was on playing for England not Man U. It is clear to me that BoJos mind is on the coming Tory leadership contest rather than the Referendum so he is making mistakes like Obamas grandfather. I agree with BoJo and Farage that Obama is anti-British viz his treatment of BP over the Gulf accident which he insisted on calling BP British Petroleum to inject the nationalistic, jingoistic angle but attack Obama's hypocrisy and non arguments rather than his ancestors and then ignore him and the corrupt Clinton woman..

So I want BoJo pulled off but who to bring on? Well the attack from the Remainers is that Vote Leave is just a bunch of old Tory males so bring on the women. I would put Labours Gisela Stuart up front with Kate Hooey and Priti Patel playing off her. I was very impressed with Penny Mordaunt today on Murnaghan and I don't think Vote Leave can leave her out of the team. Cameron and Osbo will find it far more difficult to attack a group of LabCon women than gray men in gray suits.

I don't think Chris Grayling is cutting through so I would pull him off as well. Liam Fox is more able and better liked and being a former GP, a real job, is a real plus point against Cameron's Spad army.

I would use Michael Gove sparingly and keep him fresh for the last month of the campaign. Daniel Hannan is a more than capable subsitute for Gove and should be used now as much as possible.Slot Farage into the man of the people  BoJo slot but monitor him very closely. Farage has done better than I expected and identifies issues that matter to ordinary people and goes for the jugular but he can be a loose cannon..

I hope Nigel Lawson is running this show and not the juveniles and will act ruthlessly like his old boss MT.


Stephen Harness said...

I have been impressed with Liam Fox. The temptation for him to be offensive towards Obama was resisted on QT and he spoke like a true statesman with a steady hand. Does he have the charisma to win the referendum? It is no time for loose canons and there too many outers who are just that. Hannan is also impressive. I feel the Leave Campaign lacks a credible exit framework and strategy. The £55 million a day figure has been shredded and any reference to a cost/benefit study ignored. The BBC continues to do the bidding of the Remain campaign without challenge. On Newsnight they managed get another plug in about how poor the position of Norway is.

Eric Edmond said...

And Norway is the richest nation per capita on the planet. Did nobody tell the BBC?