Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Back to the good old backstabbing days with UKIP; IDS is excelllent

Nigel Farage and Neil Hamilton deserve each other. Guido covers it brilliantly


Neil Hamilton is the new leader of the Welsh UKIP group after mounting a successful coup against the previous leader Nathan Gill. UKIP’s Welsh Assembly members voted 4-3 in Hamilton’s favour today – the disgraced former Tory had not been shy about his ambitions for the role. This is a blow to Nigel Farage, who is enemies with Hamilton and was firmly supporting Gill. He had taken the party from zero seats to seven in Wales so will feel hard done by that he’s been knifed by someone as unpalatable to the public as Hamilton. This is seen by Farage allies as the beginning of a move against him post-referendum…
UPDATE: Farage is furious:
“I have worked closely with Nathan Gill as leader of Ukip Wales. I have always found him to be hard-working, honest, and loyal. His removal after a successful Welsh Assembly election campaign is unjust and an act of deep ingratitude. In behaving like this, Ukip looks too like the other parties that we have fought so hard against.”

Its sooo Farage UKIP cult! This one will run and run. Come back the ghosts of UKIP past!

On serious matters IDS opened up a new front for Vote Leave by pointing out how the EU is the enemy of the poor and friend of rich. Ah say the philes but look what the EU has done for employment rights, blah, blah, blah. One snag Postie Johnson your employment rights are worthless if like many in Euroland  you are unemployed. Postie cannot make the connection that if you raise the price of labour you reduce demand for labour so unemployment goes up. Postie he contents himself by saying £350 million a week from the UK to the EU is peanuts. Thats enough to build and fund a district hospital each week Postie.

This could  rightly get  lots of Labour support for Vote Leave. Thank God that at last someone has pointed out that the EU is on the side of the multinationals not the workers.

If Jezza gets thinking straight and sees Vote  Leave as a big net win for the working class in terms of wages and services then he can be the man who finishes off Dave & the other posh boy Gideon and stops austerity in its tracks. He rids us of this disastrous Government and becomes at once a serious leader and PM candidate. Vote Leave can assist Jezza and themselves this matter by giving Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey and Priti Patel a much more prominent role in their campaign. Cameron's lot look old, male and tired. I call getting out of the EU and ridding our country of two posh boys who don't know the price of milk a great result for our country.

In such circumstances will the Tories elect BoJo as leader? They might but my money would be on Gove or Fox as PM , Both are decent men who got there on their own abilities. Both are Scots lads o pairts. (Google it if you do not know the phrase)

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