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Why the establishment will always support the status quo?

The answer  is of course obvious. The establishment comprises those who are doing very well out of things as they are and want to keep it that way. Lucrative jobs, gongs, titles etc can be shared out amongst this in group with the occasional sop to a black comedian, woman or similar who pose no threat to the group as however good they are there will only ever be a disparate handful of them against the solid phalynx of hundreds of Old Etonians who so dominate our political, legal, business and other elites. Important jobs are always filed from within this in group. Knowledge or experience is not necessary.

The EU works a similar system thus ex social worker Baroness Frumpy became titular head of the EU Foreign Service but again there was only one of her so no matter how bright was ( and she was not)  it was child's play for the EU crats to out manoeuvre and isolate her if she did not do as she was told.

It is strange then to see Cameron thrashing around today at the British Museum threatening us with WWIII if we do not vote as he tells us.

Picking apart David Cameron's 'war' argument
Eurosceptic Tory MP John Baron has picked apart David Cameron's speech today and highlighted certain contradictions with what he has said previously.
He points out that the Prime Minister today indicated that a vote to leave the EU risks leading to the breakdown of peace and stability on the Continent. However, as recently as February, before the renegotiation deal was struck, Mr Cameron told the House of Commons: "I will never argue that Britain couldn’t survive outside the European Union….Let me say again, if we can’t secure these [benefit] changes, I rule nothing out."
John Baron MO

Mr Baron said: “It is ludicrous to suggest Brexit will lead to instability and war – the Prime Minister clearly has very little faith in his European partners. Coming from someone advocating a ‘remain’ vote, this is hardly a ringing endorsement of the EU.

“In any case, the Prime Minister and senior Ministers were until recently stating they would support Brexit if the EU did not agree to very minor changes to immigrants’ access to benefits. Are they now saying they were willing to risk war for the sake of these inconsequential changes? If the risks are so serious, why did they agree to hold the referendum?

“It is NATO and democracy which continues to be the cornerstone of European security. With EU-imposed mass unemployment in Southern Europe, and fraying relationships amongst member states due to a mismanaged refugee crisis, the EU is currently more of a force for instability.”

I agree with this analysis. BoJo puts it more strongly rightly baming the EU for the Ukraine crisis. 

This is really dangerous and the only potential serious war threat I can see. The EU are pouring petrol on the flames and if they continue there will soon be a real shooting war in the Ukraine. The Russians have not forgotten how many Ukrainians fought for the Germans in WWII. Still enough of me more from BoJo.

Boris: We'd be mad not to take 'once in a lifetime chance' of Brexit

Boris Johnson says that it is not the UK that has changed but the EU "out of all recognition" and argues that "we would mad not to take this once in a lifetime chance" and vote for Brexit.
Boris: We'd be mad not to take "once in a lifetime chance" of BrexitPlay!01:33


Boris attacks 'offensive, insulting, irrelevant and positively cretinous' remainers

Boris Johnson has attacked the "offensive, insulting, irrelevant and positively cretinous" people who criticise those who want Britain to leave the European Union.
Boris Johnson CREDIT: PA

"Above all – to get to the third key point of the Remainers – if we leave the EU we will not, repeat not, be leaving Europe. Of all the arguments they make, this is the one that infuriates me the most. I am a child of Europe. I am a liberal cosmopolitan and my family is a genetic UN peacekeeping force.

I can read novels in French and I can sing the Ode to joy in German, and if they keep accusing me of being a Little Englander, I will. Both as editor of the Spectator and Mayor of London I have promoted the teaching of modern European languages in our schools. I have dedicated much of my life to the study of the origins of our common – our common -European culture and civilization in ancient Greece and Rome.

So I find if offensive, insulting, irrelevant and positively cretinous to be told – sometimes by people who can barely speak a foreign language – that I belong to a group of small-minded xenophobes; because the truth is it is Brexit that is now the great project of European liberalism, and I am afraid that it is the European Union – for all the high ideals with which it began, that now represents the ancient regime.

It is we who are speaking up for the people, and it is they who are defending an obscurantist and universalist system of government that is now well past its sell by date and which is ever more remote from ordinary voters.

It is we in the Leave Camp – not they – who stand in the tradition of the liberal cosmopolitan European enlightenment – not just of Locke and Wilkes, but of Rousseau and Voltaire; and though they are many, and though they are well-funded, and though we know that they can call on unlimited taxpayer funds for their leaflets, it is we few, we happy few who have the inestimable advantage of believing strongly in our cause, and that we will be vindicated by history; and we will win for exactly the same reason that the Greeks beat the Persians at Marathon – because they are fighting for an outdated absolutist ideology, and we are fighting for freedom.

That is the choice on June 23.

Indeed it is Boris!

Obvious question asked of Dave by Chris Hope,  If war is likely what contingency plans has your Government put in place?

No10: No Brexit contingency planning despite risk of war

David Cameron has done no contingency planning for Britain leaving the European Union - despite warning that a Brexit would increase the likelihood of war.

The PM’s deputy official spokesman said: “We are not doing any contingency planning for the referendum being a vote to leave.”

Asked if the Prime Minister had put lives at risk by ordering the referendum, the spokesman said: “He has set out what he sees as the risks – but it was manifesto commitment to have a referendum and it is right that people have the opportunity to decide.”

This stuff shows we are in a political elite vs plebs struggle with the return of Milliband snior and G Brown to bookend a flabby Cameron. Priceless!

Following its MP's expense account coup the Telegraph publishes today the full Paname papers

More trouble for Dodgy Dave methinks. 

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