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Its democracy stupid! The economy is a europhile red herring.

The Declaration of Arbroath was wriiten in Latin on 6th April 1320 in the scriptorium of Arbroath Abbey by Abbot Bernard on behalf of the nobles and barons of Scotland. It was sent to Pope John XXII then at Avignon, who was the secretary general of the UN of its day. Today it is  lodged in the Vatican library. The Abbot wrote it as the ruling elite, the Barons, were as they still are today largely ill educated toffs.  The  United States of America has declared it to be to be Tartan Day. Why?

This declaration has a  huge influence onin the drafting of the US declaration of Independence. The most quoted passage is,

"It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself"

Less quoted is the general principle it embodies that a King only rules with the consent of his people .

The EU rule of our country infringes both these pinciples of freedom under the law and democracy and we must oppose it with every breath in our body as our ancestors did.

The text went across to the US with a Scottish Minister, John Knox Witherspoon, 

He claimed desccent from John Knox which as my family come from Gifford I believe to be true. More important was that he was the only minister of religion to sign the US declaration of independence, 4th July 1776, as an elected New Jersey delegate to the Continental Congress

John Trumbull's famous painting, Witherspoon is the second seated figure from the (viewer's) right among those shown in the background facing the large table.[15]
Long wary of the power of the British Crown, Witherspoon saw the growing centralization of government, progressive ideology of colonial authorities, and establishment of Episcopacy authority as a threat to the Liberties of the colonies. Of particular interest to Witherspoon was the crown's growing interference in the local and colonial affairs which previously had been the prerogatives and rights of the American authorities. When the crown began to give additional authority to its appointed Episcopacy over Church affairs, British authorities hit a nerve in the Presbyterian Scot, who saw such events in the same lens as his Scottish Covenanters. Soon, Witherspoon came to support the Revolution, joining the Committee of Correspondence and Safety in early 1774. His 1776 sermon "The Dominion of Providence over the Passions of Men" was published in many editions and he was elected to the Continental Congress as part of the New Jersey delegation,[16] appointed Congressional Chaplain by President Hancock, and in July 1776, voted to adopt the Virginia Resolution for Independence. In answer to an objection that the country was not yet ready for independence, according to tradition he replied that it "was not only ripe for the measure, but in danger of rotting for the want of it." He lost a son during the Battle of Germantown in 1777.[17]
The most recent media refence to these events was in the Guardian

Its entitled , 

America's spirit of freedom was born in Arbroath in 1320

Are we prepared to sell our hard won democratic rights for a few transitory baubles? Look at what we will be giving up. If we are in the EU then the EU giveth and the EU can taketh away. The safest course for our country is to leave. But its worse , The Germans want their army back and we all know what happens after that. The Express has the story today

Its terrifying to read this resurgence of German militarism and expansion cloaked by the EU. Like all other stories likely to damage the vote Remain campaign it will be kept under wraps until 24 th June when if we are still in the EU there will be a holocaust of bad news released.

The Express says, "Moscow’s suspicions of such a move will be compounded by Juncker’s specific statement that forming such a body would make clear to Russia that the EU is “serious about upholding the value of the European Union”. Who can blame the Russians who lost 30 million people to the master race last time if they mount a pre-emptive strke on the EU? Not me. Another very good reason for leaving the EU on 23 June.

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